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Think about a bong, then think about a hand pipe, and imagine a unification of the benefits of both bongs and hand pipes, now you have a bubbler.

Bubblers typically have a smaller build than bongs and are highly efficient. They have filtration and cooling impacts that enhance smoke quality.

With their flexibility and ease of use, many smokers love traveling with these accessories. Bubblers have outstanding design and functionality.

If you’re looking for a pleasant alternative to joints, blunts, or bongs, you may choose bubblers, as they are efficient and perfect for both novice and veteran cannabis smokers.

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Anatomy of a Bubbler

Bubblers and bongs almost have the same components.

Mouthpiece: it’s the part where you place your mouth to take smooth draws of the smoke.

Stem: it’s the hollow segment connecting the mouthpiece with the bowl. Stems may be modeled and shaped differently and can influence smoke volume.

Bowl: this is the place where you pack your dry herbs (CBD or marijuana flower). Always ensure that your dry herbs are properly ground, and avoid packing the bowl too tightly.

Water chamber: it holds the water that provides smoke filtration and cooling, thus improving smoke integrity.

Carburator: a small opening that regulates smoke taste.

Types of Bubblers

Whether you smoke CBD and marijuana for wellness or recreational purposes, using the correct smoking accessory can have a major influence. The following are some popular bubbler varieties:

Hammer bubblers: they get their name from their hammer-like shape, have slant bases, and are typically made of thick glass.

Sidecar bubblers: they are modeled after a sidecar, they have a robust base, and their design helps with minimizing splash backs.

Double bubblers: they have two water chambers that take smoke filtration and cooling to the next level.

Glass bubblers: these are made of quality, heat-resistant glass.

Sherlock bubblers: they are named after the Sherlock hand pipe, and they feature a massive base, a slim neck, and produce delicious tokes.

Percolator bubblers: they feature add-ons, aka percs, which enhance smoke filtration and cooling, thus providing ultra-smooth tokes.

Silicone bubblers: these have a polished exterior, amazing designs, and are extremely flexible.

Mini bubblers: as the name suggests, these have a smaller build than regular bubblers, and are portable and discreet.

How to Smoke From a Bubbler

Bubblers are a great choice for on-the-go smoking. You may use a bubbler in the following steps:

  1. Add water to the base of the bubbler, making sure the water level rises to the stem, but don’t excessive water, as it might lead to splashbacks.
  2. Load some dry herbs in the grinder and pulverize them before adding a few pinches of the smooth herb onto the bowl.
  3. Ignite the corner of the bowl and take a slow pull of the smoke. Clear the smoke from the bubbler via the carb hole.

Difference Between a Bubbler and a Bong

Although bubblers share several similarities with bongs, they are also different in many respects. The following are some differences between bubblers and bongs:

Versatility: bongs have more detachable parts as compared to bubblers, and thus, are more versatile. Some bong parts, like the bowl piece, can be replaced to allow consumption of other products like concentrates. But, bubblers have rigid parts, making them less versatile.

Size and design: bongs have a larger size, and greater designs, as compared to bubblers. The compact design of bubblers makes them easily handled.

Cleaning: bubblers are easier to clean as compared to bongs. Bubblers, unlike bongs, have a smaller build and fewer add-ons, and thus are easier to clean.

Discreet: bubblers are great for on-the-go smoking, and with a simple, compact build, they are discreet. On the other hand, bongs have large builds and are highly conspicuous.

Pros of a Bubbler

These are some of the advantages to owning a bubbler:

  1. Thanks to their relatively small build, bubblers are portable.
  2. The water provides filtration and cooling, eliminating ash and tar, and enhancing smoke.
  3. Bubblers feature various non-detachable parts, making them more convenient.
  4. Bubblers are available in diverse colors and designs.

Choosing the Right Bubbler

There are different things to consider in choosing the right bubbler for you:

Size: generally, bubblers are smaller than bongs, but still they come in varying sizes. You need to select the size that fits your needs and preferences.

Style: bubblers come in a range of styles, and you may choose the bubbler that fits your preferences.

Price: you need to choose a bubbler whose cost is within your budget.

The Best Bubbler Brands

Bubblers are popular because of their versatility. The perfect bubbler is down to your preferences and budget. Quality bubblers are usually made of sturdy material, have excellent filtration, and a suitable bowl depth and shape. The image below illustrates the top five bubbler brands.