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Buy Bong Bowls Online

The bong bowl is one of the vital parts of a bong. It sits atop the joint of a bong, and it plays the role of holding your precious dry herbs.

Bong bowls are available in different sizes; 10mm, 14mm, 18mm, and have different genders. When buying a replacement bowl, always consider bong size and gender.

Bong bowls may be made of diverse materials, and are available in varied designs. You need to choose a bong with a design that enhances smoking fun.

Installing the perfect bowl in your water pipe allows for smooth and flavorful hits, and helps with sustaining bong integrity.

Traits of a Good Bong Bowl

The primary function of a bong bowl is to hold your dry herbs, but they also enrich the look, feel, and functionality of the bong. Different factors make for a quality bong bowl.

Proper seal: you don’t want even an iota of your smoke to escape, and to avoid that, your bowl should form a proper seal with the joint, thus creating a solid smoke path, and allowing the precious smoke to journey up to the mouthpiece.

Robust material: if your bong bowl is made of low-quality material, it will likely become faulty soon, as the heat from your lighter or torch can overwhelm weak material. Quality bong bowls are typically made of robust and durable materials.

Detachable features: if your bong comes with a rigid, non-removable bowl piece, you are typically limited when it comes to cleaning and replacements. Bong bowls need to have the features that make for easy installation and withdrawal.

Diffusion: quality bong bowls need to have an excellent airflow system, as this limits smoke confinement, and allows you to enjoy fantastic cannabis hits.

Why You Should Own Multiple Bong Bowls

Whether you smoke CBD and marijuana flower for wellness or recreational benefits, using a bong takes the smoking session to a new level of ecstasy. The bong bowl is a vital part of the bong, yet it’s vulnerable, which is why it’s recommended to own many bong bowls.

Bowls experience heat trauma: depending on your bong use frequency, you’re always applying heat to the bowl, and some materials just crack within months. Thus, it’s ideal to have multiple bong bowls to avoid being inconvenienced.

Smoking in a social setting: when smoking in a social setting, you might have the mind to enjoy diverse smokable resources. Multiple bong bowls make for easy handling of different types of dry herbs and allow for preparation and on-the-go smoking amongst your friends.

For the sake of art: if you swear by bongs, consider it your lifestyle, and there’s no harm with buying bong bowls with unique designs and features to add to your collection.

Popular Styles and Designs of Bong Bowls

Bong bowls come in a range of styles and designs. You need to choose what appeals to your tastes and preferences:

  1. Snapper bowls. These are modeled after the cocktail glass, with a compact build, and are popular for their ability to preserve smoke purity.
  2. Metal bowls. These are made from indestructible materials like steel and aluminum, but their disadvantage is that they can get hot.
  3. Oversized bowls. These are typically ideal for veteran smokers, as they allow you to take multiple hits without a refill of dry herbs.
  4. Double bowls. They feature two containers that you can crowd with dry herbs and enjoy alongside someone else. If you like smoking with your partner, go for the double bowl.
  5. Novelty bowls. These are bong bowls modeled after diverse objects and are typically customized to suit the varied design tastes of smokers.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bong Bowl

The following are some of the things to consider before buying a bong bowl.

Joint size and gender: you need to consider the size of the joint, and the gender of the bong, to be able to buy a fitting bong bowl.

Type of smokable resources: are you smoking dry herbs or concentrates? Choose a bong bowl designed to handle your choice of smokable resources.

Material: bong bowls come in a range of materials. Some materials have a reputation for sturdiness and other materials are weak. Choose robust materials.

Price: the style, material, and size are some of the things that can influence the price of a bong. Choose a bong bowl that fulfills your needs and whose cost is within your budget.