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Blunts are one of the precious cannabis products. They are typically made by emptying cigars of tobacco and putting cannabis instead.

Every cannabis lover enjoys drawing some delicious tokes out of a blunt. One of the things that influence the smoking experience is blunt wraps.

Blunt wraps are the outer cigar coverings and are usually made of tobacco leaves, but the coverings may be made of other materials too e.g. hemp, thus hemp wraps.

Some people don’t like inhaling any tobacco smoke, which is why they may choose hemp wraps over blunt wraps to add to the overall cannabis experience.

There are also novelty coverings, like gold wraps, aimed at rewarding peculiar tastes. Blunt wraps come in diverse sizes and scents and are incredibly useful.

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Traits of Quality Blunt Wraps & Hemp Wraps

Numerous brands out there offer blunt wraps, but their products aren’t on the same level. These are some markers behind quality blunt and hemp wraps.

1. Slow Burning Qualities

Every cannabis consumer recognizes that cannabis buds are precious. And so, once you have a fancy flavored blunt, the last thing you want is for your blunt to burn too fast. Quality blunt wraps are made of organic material, have a compact build, and are optimized for a slow burn.

2. Silky Texture

Whether they are made of tobacco pulp or hemp fiber, the exterior isn’t supposed to be tough to the touch. Instead, it needs to be soft, fine, and lustrous. When blunt wraps have a smooth exterior, it makes for easy burning of the blunt, and a great smoking experience.

3. Organic

Some manufacturers might add some ingredients during processing that would present various risks. And so, it’s important to find out whether your blunt wraps and hemp wraps are 100% organic or they include some other inorganic substances, mainly taste enhancements.

Blunt Wraps Flavor

When smoking a joint, the thin rolling paper has little effect on smoke flavor, but blunt wraps are larger and their flavor is more pronounced.

The common flavors for blunt wraps include tropical and fruity undertones, as most cannabis lovers appreciate the delectable smoke.

Whether you prefer grape, strawberry, or pineapple flavors for blunts, make sure the ingredients are organic, so that you may have an outstanding smoking session.

Blunt wraps come with a pre-cut and glue stick, which increases their convenience and ease of handling.

Blunts typically have a larger build than cannabis joints and are popular among seasoned cannabis smokers.

Difference between Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers

Both blunt wraps and rolling papers are precious cannabis smoking accessories. But, they each have particular traits that set them apart.

Blunt wraps and hemp wraps have a larger build, thickness, and composition than rolling papers, and so blunt wraps typically produce a larger smoke output than rolling papers.

The thickness and composition of the wrap make for a smooth, consistent, and slow burn, whereas the characteristically thin rolling papers burn at a faster rate.

Blunt wraps are usually made from tobacco pulp, and so, the small nicotine content can trigger an initial head rush and body buzz before the effects of cannabis kick in.

Blunt wraps are versatile, with a larger room for holding your precious cannabis buds, and coupled with the fact that they burn slowly, they make for a better experience in social settings.

If you dislike the fact that blunt wraps are made from tobacco pulp, and that they contain some nicotine, and are thus potentially addictive, you can choose hemp wraps, as hemp wraps have the same convenience but are made out of hemp fiber.

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