Bongs Are Better than Dry Pipes

Bongs are the ultimate cannabis accessory. You don’t know how blissful smoking cannabis can be until you use a bong.

A simple bong usually consists of a straight tube and a bowl, but to experience the magic, you need a levelled-up bong with several features like ice catchers, slides and ash catchers.

There are different types of bongs, but each bong be having its pros and cons, and also appeal to a certain category of smokers.

For instance, glass bongs are for the sophisticated smoker… They have many features and a big price tag… But silicone and acrylic bongs mostly appeal to the budget smoker.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bong

When you are looking to buy a bong, there are several things you have to consider, or else you might get played.

1. Price

Money is too important a factor to be left outside the equation, and you never want to pay more than the ideal price. Glass bongs are at the top as far as price. But the accessories and customizations a bong be having can too drive the price high.

2. Accessories

You know how they say, it’s not the house; it’s what be in the house? You want a bong made of cool material yes but also one that’s souped up.

At the very least, get you a bong with an ash catcher (for filtering out debris in bong water) and an ice catcher (for making your smoke extra cool).

Some of the common bong accessories include percolators, comfy mouthpieces, cleaning supplies, slides, and dab nails.

3. Size, shape and weight

If you’re an accountant, and you like smoking cannabis to relieve work stress, you may sit a big-ass bong in your house. But if you are a musician and are always on the road, you want something light, with a good shape, for portability reasons.

How do Bongs Work?

The way a bong works is influenced by its anatomy. When you crowd herb onto the bowl and spark it, the herb combusts, and smoke rushes in the downstem.

Hitting the percolator, the smoke is filtered, removing all debris and making the smoke as smooth as can be.

Then it diffuses in the water, a process that cools down the smoke, eliminating the harshness of combusted substance.

Rushing its way up, the smoke passes through the ice catcher, an accessory that makes the smoke extra cool.

And with your lips holding the rounded mouthpiece, the smooth smoke streams into your mouth, and you may take a massive bong rip.

Are Bongs Durable?

The main factor in how sturdy your bong can be is the material it is made out of. Glass bongs, unlike silicone or acrylic bongs, have the shortest life for obvious reasons.

Some materials are also good at taking a beating, yet some others show the cracks, the stains, the scratches, and soon your bong will be one ugly number.

Do you use the bong alone or you let your goofy friends to also use it? I mean the more hands that close around your bong, the shorter its life.

Are Bongs Expensive?

It depends on who’s asking. Some wealthy dudes are into cannabis and I want to think there isn’t a bong they consider expensive.

Look at Snoop Dogg… He pays some guy $50K to just roll his blunts.

Glass bongs are the priciest, but it’s not to mean that bongs made out of other material cannot be just as expensive.

The price of a bong hinges mainly on the material that it’s made out of, but also the creativity and accessories.

Are Bong Better than Dry Pipes

You know how some alcoholics prefer bitter drinks while others prefer less bitter? So, whether bongs are better than dry pipes depends on who you ask.

But here’s the case. Bongs eliminate smoke harshness and dryness that often doth trigger coughing fits.

But then again, bongs take way more time than dry pipes to set up, and bongs are also on the expensive side.

And you have to clean your water pipe on the regular lest it minimizes the quality of your smoke or affects your health.

But all factors constant… Most smokers are on the side of water pipes… The cool, smooth smoke out of a bong is something you cannot resist.

What are the Different Types of Bongs?

Bongs come in all shapes, sizes, and material. Make sure to familiarize yourself with a water pipe before you spend on it.

Some of the different types of bongs include:

Beaker base bongs

Percolator bongs

Glass bongs

Silicone bongs

Acrylic bongs

Ceramic bongs

Bamboo bongs

Is it Safer to Use Bongs than Other Systems?

Bongs filter out carcinogenic substances and make the smoke cool and smooth to avert throat irritation… Yes… Bongs are healthier than dry pipes.

When you use a bong, before the smoke reaches your mouth, it goes through filters to remove debris, and it’s also cooled down by the water and ice.

Cannabis smokers admit that water pipes make the session bomb. They are cool and sophisticated and healthier than other smoking methods.

What are the Benefits of Using a Bong?

There are many advantages to using a bong over other smoking methods.

1. Smooth hits

If you are a novice, smoking cannabis can have you in a coughing fit, but it’s due to the harsh smoke irritating your throat.

A water pipe filters the debris and carcinogens to make the smoke light, and it also eliminates the dryness, thus the smoke is less likely to irritate your throat.

2. Massive hits

Water pipes allow you to take massive bong rips, and this makes the session much more enjoyable.

3. Preserve herb

Packing herb onto the bowl, it combusts at a steady pace, and you may make easy adjustment on the amount you want to smoke.

Can Bongs Make for Good Gifts?

As long as you’re not sending it to your religious grandma, bongs make for a thoughtful gift. So, don’t shy from gifting your boo a super cool bong in their next birthday. It shows you care about them having the good life.

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