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Bluebird Botanicals Review

Bluebird Botanicals is a pioneer in the world of CBD. It had humble beginnings but has grown to take over the world.

Several studies have shown that CBD has numerous health benefits: fighting cancer, managing heart problems, pain, and anxiety relief, and slowing down aging.

But in order that you enjoy these benefits, you must use quality products. Bluebird Botanicals commits to quality and transparency to make powerful CBD products.

The company is changing people’s lives around the world with its amazing products and at the same time lending support to various organizations.

Bluebird Botanicals is not just another CBD company.

Outstanding Qualities of Bluebird Botanicals

Some companies might lower their standards when faced with challenges e.g. unstable supply and demand forces, but Bluebird Botanicals wouldn’t do that.

They are super-consistent about the quality of their products and services, thanks to a strong culture of transparency, reliability, and commitment.

With many certifications to its name, Bluebird Botanicals creates 100% organic products, and it is one of the reasons customers have a high opinion of the company.

Sourcing its industrial hemp from licensed USA farmers, Bluebird Botanicals has an unchanging commitment to high product quality.

Their products are tested by independent labs to determine the potency, terpene profile, and chemical hazards.

Fighting for Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis is still not federally legal; it has caused numerous challenges, especially with internet-based payment processing companies turning down cannabis businesses.

Bluebird Botanicals was started by a heavy minister of cannabis; Brandon J. Beatty. He uses his companies to spread awareness for cannabis benefits to hopefully fast-track legalization.

He’s a board member in various cannabis organizations, and he’s committed to creating an enabling environment for the cannabis economy to thrive.

He’s also keen on sponsoring cannabis research to see the entire range of benefits and boost the economy.

What Bluebird Botanicals Offers

CBD oil: CBD oil comes in varying concentrations and flavors. CBD oil helps promote holistic health benefits.

CBD capsules: they have varying concentrations too, and they are typically consumed orally, but CBD capsules make for a lasting body buzz.

CBD cream: whether you suffer from acne or you picked up a neck injury while running around, you may apply some CBD cream to the affected area and get back into shape.

CBD oil for dogs: CBD may also be useful in managing various health problems that our furry friends have.

Pros of Bluebird Botanicals

  • They source industrial hemp from licensed American farmers. This speaks to their heavy commitment to quality. Some sneaky CBD companies make do with imported (and substandard) industrial hemp, but they end up creating inferior products.
  • Cannabis-positive company. This company is not just trying to make a profit. It is managed by a team that deeply cares about cannabis. The company lends its voice to the important cannabis movements, promotes cannabis research, and spreads awareness of the numerous benefits of cannabis.
  • 3rd-party lab testing. They believe in offering quality products, but they want their customers to be able to verify these claims, which is why they make their lab reports public.
  • Information-rich website. They have published important guides on their website. If you be new to CBD, you probably are not aware of important cannabis facts, but Bluebird Botanicals provides guides that you may use to gain more knowledge on CBD.

Cons of Bluebird Botanicals

  • No live chat. If you’re in a hurry, there’s no channel for getting rapid help.


Bluebird Botanicals is one of the pioneers of the CBD industry. It has been around since 2012. Customers have a great opinion of this company.

With a commitment to transparency and quality, they have been providing excellent CBD products with notable consistency.

The people behind this company are aggressive cannabis advocates. Check them out.

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