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There’s a cool story behind how Blue Moon Hemp came into existence. So, Christopher D. Cowart, the company founder, picked up a shoulder injury in 2015 while playing golf.

He was curious to try alternative medicine and that’s how he learned about CBD. Never one to rush, he sought the opinion of his doctor, who filled him on how CBD interacts with the ECS to regulate body functions, and that CBD was excellent for treating inflammation.

So, he orders a bottle of CBD oil, and to his amazement, it works. He’s back to playing golf, except he now thinks to start a business to bring CBD to more people.

Superior CBD Products

Blue Moon Hemp partners with licensed hemp producers in Kentucky. Their products are as pure and superior as they can get.

After the US government legalized the extraction and sale of CBD and scientific reports showed us the extensive health benefits of CBD, the world has been consuming CBD like crazy.

Blue Moon Hemp strategically places itself as a middleman for health improvement by creating 100% organic and super-effective hemp products.

They are so good at what they do that in 2019 they took home the award for “Best Hemp Company” at the Cannabis Business Awards.

What Blue Moon Hemp Offers

CBD tinctures: they come with maximum potency and varied flavors, and they are typically ingested sublingually. Tinctures have great potency and are ideal for managing serious conditions.

CBD vape e-liquids: vaping is safer than smoking, and it makes for high bioavailability. Blue Moon Hemp has a broad range of e-liquids.

CBD gummies: do you like for CBD effects to kick in gradually? Then go to gummies! The CBD gets slowly absorbed, but the effects hang on for quite some time.

CBD gel caps: CBD gels are typically ingested orally, but it takes some time for the effects to kick in.

CBD salves: they have quality ointments to improve skin health and increase protection against certain diseases.

Kratom: it’s used for both medicinal and recreational reasons.

CBD shatter: CBD shatter has a great concentration of cannabidiol, and is super-useful for managing various health conditions.

Pros of Blue Moon Hemp

  • Maximum potency. Blue Moon Hemp appears to position itself as a leader when it comes to highly-potent CBD products. If you have a condition like cancer, the side effects of chemotherapy can be brutal, but you need highly potent CBD products to be able to manage these side effects. The higher the potency of CBD products the easier it becomes to level up your health.
  • Made in the USA. Some shifty CBD companies that only care about profit usually cut corners and import substandard ingredients from Mexico and East Asia. But Blue Moon Hemp is a proud builder of America. They collaborate with licensed hemp farmers in Kentucky. Their hemp is organically-grown, chemical-free, and handled with the highest standards of hygiene.
  • Tested by independent labs. Their products usually undergo 3rd party lab tests to prove to their customers that they are of high quality. Customers may look up the lab reports on their website.
  • Great packaging. Many customers have praised Blue Moon Hemp for its excellent packaging.
  • Great website. They have a classy website with an elegant design and exceptional usability.

Cons of Blue Moon Hemp

  • No free-trial disclaimer. For most CBD companies, it is standard to promise to refund customers if they think their products aren’t working, but you may have to contact Blue Hemp Moon Hemp to see whether they have a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.


Blue Moon Hemp provides organic and affordable hemp products. They are helping people turn their lives around and lead a healthy existence.

Whether you’re managing a condition or looking to preserve your health, it seems the products by Blue Moon Hemp are dependable.

They have varying CBD products and an unchanging commitment to product purity and quality. Check them out.

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