Women get periods every month, and although there may be side effects like muscle pain and bloating, the worst is getting cramps.

Period cramps are painful contractions of the uterus lining triggered by prostaglandins. The higher the levels of prostaglandins, the worse the cramps can get.

Many women are susceptible to this condition but some of the tips for avoiding this condition include drinking more water, working out, and avoiding inflammatory foods.

Consuming cannabis also helps!

When you get period cramps, the pain is too sharp you can’t ignore it, but one of the ways to overcome this condition is through regular cannabis consumption.

Top Indica Marijuana Strains for Managing Period Cramps

The following Indica marijuana strains will help you overcome period cramps:

1. Legend OG

This strain has a pungent scent, but it is fantastic at minimizing pain, and soothing muscles. The strain also induces pain, thus ideal for nighttime use.

2. Jager

Its name was inspired by the popular German beer, Jagermeister. This indica-dominant marijuana strain is an offspring of Blue Dream and LA Confidential. This strain is fantastic for relaxation effects.

3. Romulan

This strain was named after the alien race in the Star Trek movies. The strain causes a massive high that envelops both your body and mind.

4. SFV OG Kush

San Fernando Valley Kush is an indica-dominant strain that was developed by mixing SFV OG with an Afghani Landrace. The strain has a zesty scent with lemon undertones.

5. Rockstar

This indica-dominant marijuana strain was acquired by mixing Rockbud with Sensi Star. It causes rapid and heady effects. The strain has fruity flavors.

6. Black Domina

The Black Domina borrows its genetics from Northern Lights and Afghani Landrace. It has a spicy aroma and is super ideal for triggering relaxation. This strain also has mild sleeper effects, so, it’s ideal for nighttime use.

7. Face OFF OG

The name of this strain is inspired by Nicolas Cage’s 90s movie. It causes a strong cerebral high you might think you lost your face, and with potent effects, the strain is ideal for veterans.

8. Recon

This strain is a cross between LA Confidential and Cannadential. It has excellent pain relief and mental relaxation effects. This strain also boosts energy and is ideal for daytime use.

9. Sweet Tooth

This strain won an award in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2001, and it delivers fantastic fruity flavors. This strain is trichome-wealthy and fantastic for pain relief.

10. Pink Panties

Its buds are average-sized and with a citrusy flavor. Pink Panties was created by mixing Burmese Kush with Florida Kush Backcross. This strain is not only ideal for pain relief but also helps fight anxiety and depression.