Best CBD Gifts for Your Lover

There’s the sex you get when you’re in a relationship and there’s the sex you get with a lover. Our lovers fulfill our sexual fantasies and put a spring in our steps.

You can make your lover’s day by sending them a gift. Are they into CBD? There’s an infinite choice of CBD gifts to send your lover.

1. CBD condoms

CBD-infused condoms are all the rage. They permit you to have safe sex whilst giving you a dose of CBD topically. Considering the vasodilation properties of CBD, these condoms can help with boosting erection, thus making the sexual encounter even more fulfilling.

2. CBD gummies

Whether you’re in the middle of a vacation or staycation, you can never go wrong with infused gummies. This ingestion method might cause the effects to kick in slowly, but they build up into a strong body buzz. Gummies also come in varying flavors.

3. CBD cookbook

Good food goes very well together with good sex. Numerous appetizing CBD-infused meals take a moment to whip up. You can gift your lover with a cookbook for CBD meals. They’ll appreciate your effort in preserving their health.

4. CBD energy drink

If you are having lots of sex with your lover, you have to have a ton of energy, and downing an energy drink is helpful. CBD energy drinks will give you a boost. It’s important that you don’t grow tired fast and that you be able to satisfy your partner.

5. CBD bath bomb

Nothing aids mental calm and relaxation than taking a CBD bath. Make the temperature right, bring a drink, and throw CBD bath bombs into your bathtub. It washes away your stress and renews your energy. Before advancing to the bed, you can take CBD baths as part of your foreplay.

6. CBD vaporizer

We are slowly moving from smokables into cannabis vaporizers. A vaporizer works by applying moderate heat energy to convert plant material into vapor. CBD vaporizers have distinct flavors and they make for a high CBD bioavailability. They also have exquisite designs. There’s no sweetness greater than having passionate sex whilst taking turns drawing lungfuls of delicious vapor.

7. Customized bong

Embed their name on a ceramic or acrylic bong and send it to them. Bongs are an excellent way of consuming dry herb. They consist of ice catchers and ash catchers that help with filtration and extra cooling of smoke, thus allowing you to inhale cool and delicious smoke.

8. CBD spray

The last thing you want is for your lover to jump into bed and then you catch a funny smell drifting out of their nether regions; it would kill the buzz. They have to have good hygiene. And they can improve their sexual allure by wearing a CBD fragrance.

9. CBD honey

Who doesn’t like sweet things? Honey is a versatile product and there be endless ways of using honey. It can be eaten with breakfast cereals, during meals, and even on its own. Make a point of sending your lover a box of infused honey.

10. CBD lip balm

It makes lips appear soft and glossy. I mean, you want soft lips, don’t you? Don’t just gift them, but be the aggressive lover that tears the box open, fishes out the lip balm, and applies it on your lover’s lips. When you’re with your lover, being crazy – the right crazy – as hell fun.

11. CBD apparel

Designs on CBD-inspired apparel can be out-of-this-world. Get your partner a jacket, tee-shirt, sweater, or scarf engraved with a CBD or marijuana philosophy. They’ll look mighty fine.

The CBD industry is incredibly versatile. There are many too options as to what CBD-themed gift you may get your lover. Just be creative.

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