One of the latest scamming tactics in the CBD market is by offering free trials. The BBB Scam Tracker has collected numerous complaints from CBD consumers who have lost their money.

As the demand for CBD shoots up, some dishonest CBD sellers have appeared, and they are out to scam every unsuspecting CBD consumer.

They pose themselves as legit CBD companies and attract CBD consumers to their websites, and that’s where the customers get groomed.

How the Scam is Done

The average CBD user spots an advert on social media, and it’s a “selfless” CBD company that wants to send you FREE samples of CBD oil.

A statement of endorsement from a celebrity may even feature on the advertisement, and this is done to show consumers that the company is legit.

But once you land on their website and are going to order your FREE sample, they ask you that you only need to pay the shipping fees, and then you’ll receive your CBD product.

When the payment is processed, however, they start charging your card anywhere from $80 – $100 every month, and you may not even receive the sample.

And when it comes to canceling the subscription, the process is mostly ambiguous and when you contact their “support” you receive no help. Some people complain that the charges continue even after canceling payment.

Vet Your CBD Company

Don’t be so quick to give out your credit card information until you are sure that you are dealing with a reputable CBD company.

And in this age of the internet, verifying whether a company is legit or scammy is a matter of seconds. You can search around online for reviews posted by past customers.

Scamming companies receive a lot of negative attention from their past victims, and so, you only need to search around to confirm your suspicions.

Also, in this age, most legit businesses have social media pages, active ones, and you may want to search them on Facebook and Twitter and see the engagements.

When you perform due diligence, you are not going to lose your money to these pests.