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Homemade Bamboo Bong

In many parts of the world except Europe and America, parents don’t beg their kids to stop misbehaving; they just whack them with a bamboo stick!

When we think of how we may use bamboo, we often think along the lines of erecting structures, creating medicines, but rarely do we think of fashioning a bong out of it.

Bamboo bongs are a thing now; organic, lightweight, long-lasting… A finely-made bamboo bong should produce as chilled a smoke as any glass bong.

They may not be popular but it would be conceited to not admit that bamboo bongs make for an awesome cannabis accessory.

Should I Buy a Bamboo Bong?

If you be walking past a headshop and you spot a cool bamboo bong in the display, you may be tempted to turn about and walk inside to buy it… Just because!

Novice weed smokers may rely on various hacks and tips and still exhibit clumsiness and self-inhibition… Being a poised smoker usually takes a minute.

If you are clumsy, you’ll drop your accessories, knock them over, crush them, and if these accessories be made of glass, they’ll break into pieces.

Nothing worse than your expensive glass bong slipping out of your grip!

What we are saying is simply that bamboo bongs can take some beating… They have many lives… And simply dropping it on the floor is not enough to wreck it.

And so, if you’re a weed newbie, you may want to use a bamboo bong.

Also, if you are into hosting parties, you’ll quickly notice that your homies are good at breaking your glass bongs, so don’t shy from giving them a bong that cannot break if it drops on the floor.

Do Bamboo Bongs Easily Burn?

The last thing you want is to prop your bong on a plastic chair before heading out only to come back to a puddle of liquid plastic and the imminent risk of burning your house down.

Thankfully, manufacturers outfit these bongs with heat-resistant material, thus distancing the heat from bamboo.

Additionally, the bamboo is cured and treated to minimize the possibility of catching fire.

Do Bamboo Bongs Produce Quality Smoke?

Bongs have several benefits, but the top advantage is to filter and cool down the smoke.

In honesty, the quality of smoke from a bamboo bong may not be up there with a glass bong, but it’s not badly off either.

They do a good job of both filtering and chilling your smoke and you may draw huge bong rips with your bamboo device.

How to Make a Bamboo Bong

Bamboos are readily available in Nature and making your bamboo bong (bambong) at home would incur minimal expenses.

Materials You’ll Need

  1. Cured and treated bamboo stalk
  2. Drill
  3. Tiny drill bit
  4. Huge drill bit
  5. Bowl and stem
  6. Saw
  7. Adhesive tape
  8. Locking pliers
  9. Wax
  10. Coarse sandpaper

Making the Bamboo Bong (Bambong)

  • Start by cutting the stalk to an appropriate length.
  • Position the stem in the bamboo stalk and put a hole through the bamboo.
  • Rub the uneven parts with the sandpaper to ensure quality.
  • Put wax on the bong and leave it in an open space to cool.
  • Fix the downstem in the bamboo and secure it with an adhesive.

Cleaning Your Bamboo Bong

If you don’t clean your bong regularly, it can stifle the quality of your smoke, and mangled bong water could pose a serious health risk.

Bamboo bongs, unlike glass bongs, have no complex designs, but they are easy to take apart and clean with basic supplies.

Withdraw the downstem, and soak the bong in isopropyl alcohol; it helps kill off bacteria. Then use normal detergent to wash the bong before rinsing it.

Bamboo bongs may not be at the top as far as producing quality smoke… But their durability, lightness, and simplicity make them appealing to certain cannabis users.