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Are CBD Cigarettes Good for Me?

A CBD cigarette is a type of smokable product modeled on a cigarette, except that it contains hemp flowers instead of tobacco.

Smoking CBD cigarettes causes rapid activation of CBD effects, which makes it effective for relieving pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

CBD cigarettes have no psychoactive effects; they cannot cause you to develop a mental high. So, you can use them during the day.

Additionally, CBD cigarettes have no addictive properties, since they do not contain massive THC, any nicotine, or harmful ingredients.

CBD cigarettes are especially useful to people who are trying to overcome their addiction to regular, nicotine-filled cigarettes.

CBD cigarettes are legal both at the state and federal levels. And since they contain organic CBD, they exert therapeutic benefits.

Why CBD Cigarettes are Good for You

Quality CBD cigarettes are prepared using organic rolling papers and naturally-grown hemp flowers. The following are their benefits.

1. Promotes Mental Calm

Smoking CBD cigarettes causes your body to be flooded with CBD compounds, and CBD has been suggested to promote calmness.

Many people enjoy smoking CBD cigarettes because it allows them to overcome their negative thoughts and experience relief.

Considering that CBD cigarettes do not contain any psychotropic ingredient, they can be taken at any time of day and are cool.

2. Help Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the common mental disorders that plague millions of people silently, but its negative effects are obvious in society.

Anxiety plays a role in the rising number of disconnected and lonely individuals who find it increasingly hard to get along with others.

Some common causes of anxiety include trauma, medications, and life hardships, and if left unchecked, anxiety is disastrous.

Smoking CBD can actually be useful in cutting down anxiety and promoting a healthy emotional and mental environment in a person.

3. Helps Overcome Addiction

Addictions are some of the things that prevent people from leading fulfilling lives. People are addicted to different things including tobacco, food, sex, and pornography, and CBD can help.

You see, if you are addicted to regular cigarettes, it’s hard to quit smoking, because the tobacco and nicotine withdrawal symptoms will typically come knocking, causing you to backslide. But CBD cigarettes have no addictive properties and have been suggested as effective at helping people overcome their addiction to nicotine.

CBD promotes stability in a person’s emotions and thoughts, and as a result, the person becomes less susceptible to various addictions like food addiction or sex addiction, or pornography addiction.

4. Won’t Get You High

Getting high refers to the euphoric effects that one experiences after consuming a psychoactive substance, especially hard drugs.

CBD is a cannabis derivative, but unlike marijuana, CBD has no psychoactive effects, because it contains minuscule THC content.

And so, people are okay with taking CBD even before going to their jobs, knowing too well they won’t end up getting high at their job.

5. It’s 100% Organic

Some people prefer smoking CBD over other inhalation styles like vaping because smoking CBD allows for keeping everything natural.

You see, when it comes to vaping CBD, you might consume some inorganic ingredients added to the vape juice to enhance the taste.

However, when you smoke CBD, you can choose CBD cigarettes that are prepared with organic rolling papers and organic hemp flowers.

This allows you to evade any artificial flavor enhancers, and it also allows you to evade issues like lung injuries from faulty vape pens.

6. CBD Cigarettes are Legal

CBD is legal in the US, as long as it contains not more than 0.3% THC. Thus, CBD cigarettes are legal at the state and federal levels.

I mean, this is a big deal, since there are some products that can help you feel better but are prohibited by the federal government.

You’re free to get your supply of CBD cigarettes so that you can spoil yourself with the sweet, organic, and enriching smoke of CBD.

Buying CBD Cigarettes

CBD cigarettes are becoming super popular across the country, and you can buy them at your local gas station, or at online stores.

When buying CBD cigarettes, some of the things that you need to check to see include; 3rd party lab tests, brand reputation, and price.

3rd party lab tests are confirmation that the CBD cigarette has been reviewed by an independent laboratory to determine that the product adheres to quality standards and that it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like herbicides, fungicides, and heavy metals.

The following are some of the most popular CBD cigarettes:

1. Redwood Reserves

2. Hemptrance CBD Cigarettes

3. Wild Hemp Hempettes: Natural CBD Cigarettes

4. SnapsDuo CBD Cigarettes

5. Plain Jane Pre-rolled Hemp Joints

6. Qiwi CBD Cigarettes

7. Rollies CBD Hemp Sticks

8. Shaman Smokes

9. Aspen Valley CBD Hemp Cigarettes

10. Blaz Premium Hemp Smokes

11. Big Chief CBD Pre-rolls

12. Creme By Sugar Peppermint Hemp Cigarettes

13. Dad Grass Hemp CBD Pre-rolled Joints

14. Freed Hemp Cigarettes

15. Full Moons Bullet CBD Joints

16. Lowell Farms Hemp Smokes


18. Green & Wild Flavored Hemp Smokes

19. Green Unicorn Farms CBD Pre-rolls

20. Happyface Hemp Smokes

21. Jeffreys Premium Hemp CBD Cigarettes

22. Kong Hemp Cigarettes

23. Kronik Hempz Pure Hemp CBD Sticks

Are CBD Cigarettes Addictive?

CBD cigarettes have little to no THC, the psychoactive ingredient responsible for triggering addiction. And so, CBD cigarettes have no addictive properties. If for some reason you don’t like them, you can quit them in an instant, and you will have no withdrawal symptoms.