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Antonio Harvey Calls for Fair Play in Cannabis

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  • Former NBA player Antonio Harvey is now focused on developing cannabis products aimed at improving people’s lives and moving them away from harmful substances.
  • Harvey highlights the disparities in opportunities within the cannabis industry, emphasizing the extensive and resource-intensive application process that can act as a barrier, particularly for individuals from marginalized communities.
  • The Cannabis Policy Oversight Team (CPOT) advocates for creating more accessible pathways into the cannabis industry, especially given its high profitability, and emphasizes the need for equitable policies, including expunging prior cannabis-related convictions, offering opportunities to underserved communities, and public education.

Talking to KATU, Antonio Harvey, a former Portland Trail Blazer, has shifted his focus from basketball to the cannabis industry, aiming to develop cannabis products that offer positive alternatives to harmful substances.

Harvey’s mission is to promote the use of cannabis as a safer option. He highlights the significant disparities in opportunities within the cannabis industry, particularly for people of color who often lack access to the financial resources and opportunities available to others.

Harvey emphasizes the challenges in obtaining a license to sell cannabis due to the extensive application process, including the requirement to complete a detailed Land Use Compatibility Survey (LUCS) and provide a comprehensive business plan with mitigation strategies, comprising approximately 12 to 14 steps.

These barriers can hinder individuals who lack the necessary resources and guidance from entering the industry.

The Cannabis Policy Oversight Team (CPOT) is actively advocating for measures to make it easier for individuals, especially those from marginalized communities, to enter the cannabis industry.

Recognizing the industry’s profitability, CPOT emphasizes the importance of developing policies that prioritize equity. This includes expunging past cannabis-related convictions, creating opportunities for underserved communities to participate in the legal cannabis market, and promoting public education and awareness about cannabis.