Ananda Hemp is a Kentucky-based CBD company offering 100% organic products. This company is at the forefront of taking the cannabis market to the next level.

As more people learn about the benefits of cannabidiol, the demand for CBD is at an all-time high. Many companies have popped up to cater to this market.

Ananda Hemp adheres to a code of high standards to ensure they don’t become just another cannabis company. And this company works with only the best people.

Offering a range of CBD products, this pioneering company makes a huge investment by utilizing proprietary extraction, clinical research, and independent lab testing.

Important things to Know

  • Ananda Hemp products are based on full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD denotes CBD that contains all the naturally-occurring compounds including terpenes, essential oils, and cannabinoids. These compounds create a synergy that increases the therapeutic utility of CBD in a process known as the entourage effect.
  • Ananda Hemp products are based on CBD extracted from the flower. Cannabidiol may be extracted from different parts of the hemp plant; flowers, leaves, stems, and stalks, but the CBD found in flowers is of infinitely greater quality and potency.
  • Ananda Hemp products are based on hemp-derived, not marijuana-derived, CBD. Both hemp and marijuana contain CBD, but the CBD extracted from marijuana would contain an excessively greater amount of THC, which is prohibited by the law.
  • Ananda Hemp products won’t get you high. Ananda Hemp products are based on hemp-derived CBD, and they undergo lab testing, so, they cannot possibly contain more than 0.3% THC. And these THC levels are not enough to activate psychoactive effects in a person.
  • You can pass a drug test after using Ananda Hemp products. Their products are processed to the highest standards possible, so, the CBD content cannot exceed the legal amount.
  • You can take Amanda Hemp products on a plane. The Transport Security Admission (TSA) allowed passengers to board airplanes with CBD, but ensure to do that while traveling within America, as elsewhere the laws around CBD may be hostile.
  • Ananda Hemp products are pure. They don’t contain chemicals, GMOs, and gluten. The products are also vegan-approved.

What Ananda Hemp Offers:

Their range of products may not be extensive, but the options are still excellent.

CBD oils: high-quality CBD oil to eliminate stress and increase happiness.

CBD softgels: softgels make for discreet consumption and result in long-lasting effects.

CBD topicals: #1 formula for achieving supple and radiant skin.

CBD for pets: CBD has numerous benefits for pets especially if they are advancing in age.

Accessories: improve your look with Ananda Hemp fusion/flex gaiter, cresson beanie, and fusion face mask.

Hemp supplements: boost your health with plant protein supplements.

Intimate bliss oil: spice up your sex life with the Ananda Intimate Bliss Oil. It particularly helps with soothing, relaxation, and stimulation.

Pros of Ananda Hemp

  • The company belongs to hemp movers and shakers. You’re not in the hands of inexperienced professionals. This company was started by industry veterans who are always the key players at every turning point in the CBD industry.
  • Proprietary extraction. The extraction method determines the quality of CBD. Ananda Hemp uses a supercritical C02 extraction method, which guarantees quality results.
  • 3rd party lab-tested. Ananda Hemp products undergo independent lab testing to ensure that they contain all the ingredients as labeled and that they don’t contain any contaminants.
  • Trusted by customers. With thousands of 5-star ratings, the customers have a high opinion of Ananda Hemp products.

Cons of Ananda Hemp

  • Limited categories. No comprehensive range of products.


Taking quality CBD is the easiest way of turning your life around. But then not every company out there provides quality products and you’ve got to be careful.

Ananda Hemp has earned a prestigious reputation amongst customers because of its high standards and its amazing record of providing first-rate CBD products.

Ananda Hemp will ship everywhere apart from Asia. Based out of Kentucky, Ananda Hemp is top-tier. Check them out.

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