Since the government legalized the extraction and sale of hemp-derived CBD in 2018, the CBD industry has experienced tremendous growth.

The range of CBD products has been continually widening. For the most part, CBD products are ingested via sublingual, oral, and topical means.

However, CBD may be also taken via smoking. With CBD flower, you may use various accessories to enjoy some flavorful CBD smoke.

One of the pros of smoking CBD is that its effects usually kick in fast, thus allowing you to experience the calming, anxiolytic, and analgesic properties of CBD.

To smoke CBD, the basic process would be rolling a joint with CBD flower. However, there are varied accessories that you may incorporate to improve the CBD smoking session.

The following are some of the critical accessories for CBD smoking:

1. Bong

A bong is a water pipe with excellent filtration and cooling properties. Bongs come in a range of designs and materials, and most bongs have the following parts: bowl piece, ash catcher, joint, down stem, and percolators. To use a bong, you simply pack the bowl piece with CBD flower, and then light the CBD flower, while you take a smooth draw of the smoke via the mouthpiece.

2. Hand pipe

Hand pipes have been around for ages. They have a simple design that consists of a mouthpiece, a stem, and a bowl. The dry flower is packed into the bowl and lit, while you drag on the mouthpiece to inhale the smoke. Hand pipes are lacking filtration and cooling effects, and so they produce a somewhat harsh smoke.

3. Bubbler

Bubblers are convenient and portable water pipes. The design of a bubbler seems to borrow from both bongs and hand pipes. Bubblers come in a range of styles, sizes, and materials. When using a bubbler, the smoke passes through water, thus becoming filtered and cooled, thus allowing you to inhale some sweet and lightweight CBD smoke.

4. Dugout

If you prefer on-the-go CBD smoking, or you generally consume a huge quantity of CBD, it would be ideal to invest in a dugout system. A dugout is a small case used for carrying a smoking pipe and some dry herbs. Dugout systems come in a range of styles and features and would allow you to smoke CBD flower with ease.

5. Rolling Paper

Rolling papers are a basic accessory for preparing CBD joints. Of course, some people can prepare their CBD joints with varied materials like textbook papers, toilet papers, or even magazine papers, but rolling papers are the standard, as they keep things fresh. Rolling papers are usually made out of hemp, rice, and wood pulp.

6. Rolling Tray

Rolling a smooth CBD joint is critical in ensuring that the joint burns slowly and evenly. A rolling tray provides a smooth and stable surface for you to roll your joints. Moreover, a rolling tray makes it easy for you to manage and organize your stash and accessories and keep things tidy.

7. Grinder

You need to crush the hemp buds into smooth and consistent tiny crystals to make it easy to roll a joint. By pulverizing the CBD flower into smooth, tiny bits, the smoke hits the grandest flavor. Grinders are simple accessories that help with grinding cannabis buds. They might have simple grinding features or incorporate pollen-collecting abilities. The pollen may be used to spice up the joint or added to various cannabis-based recipes.

8. Lighter

Smokers need a lighter to be able to enjoy their favorite herb. Lighters come in diverse styles and materials. When buying a lighter, check to see its ease of handling, durability, and design. Lighters play a critical role in smoking dry herbs, but they can be dangerous if handled inappropriately, and so, ensure to handle lighters with caution.

As more people discover the amazing health benefits of CBD oil, it’s a nice thing to see that CBD may be ingested in diverse forms, including smoking. The above accessories are important in smoking CBD flower.