CBD topicals are all the rage now, and people are using them to treat various illnesses, and also to improve their quality of life.

CBD lotions, serums, and salves are some of the popular topicals, and they are packing cannabidiol and several other organic compounds.

Quality CBD topicals are essential for great skin. They supply your skin with nutrients, causing it to soften and brighten up.

To preserve your beauty and quality skin, you have to modify your lifestyle, especially eating habits, and it puts a glow on your face.

In this post, we look at CBD lotions, serums, and salves, and the role they play in enhancing beauty and health.

Introduction to CBD Lotions, Serums, and Salves

They are gels or ointments that are applied topically, both to enhance skin health and overall wellbeing.

CBD is a powerful compound with numerous healing properties, and it’s critical in fighting away various ailments and promoting wellness.

Of course, before you can see positive results, you have to use CBD topicals on the regular, including them in your daily self-care rituals.

CBD topicals are typically bought from online stores, but if your money is tight, you can buy the essential ingredients and prepare the topical at home.

Prevalence of Skin Conditions in America

Eczema, dermatitis, warts, and acne, are some of the common skin plagues that Americans are battling.

Having a skin disorder is one of the worst things, because the skin is the largest body organ, and the problem becomes apparent to the whole world.

Sadly, most people make the mistake of following misleading advice dished by armchair skin experts, but any positive changes are usually short-lived, and the condition relapses with a bigger vengeance.

How to Make CBD Lotion at Home


-full-spectrum CBD oil

-shea butter

-coconut oil

-aloe vera gel

-vegetable glycerin

-essential oil


step 1: heat water in a bowl with medium water and mix shea butter with coconut oil until there are no lumps

step 2: transfer the mixture to an empty bowl and allow to cool

step 3: add aloe vera, glycerine, essential oil, and the full-spectrum CBD oil and blend the mixture

Health Benefits of CBD Lotions, Serums, and Salves

The following are some of the ways that CBD lotion, serums, and salves help promote health and beauty.

Alleviating muscle pain: you don’t have to be an athlete to have trouble with your muscles; you could be walking down the road or standing in the shower and the next thing you know, you have a pulled calf muscle.

Extreme muscle pain makes it hard for you to do anything, and you are forced to lay in your bed, and other people have to assist you perform various tasks. You can use CBD to treat muscle pain.

CBD interacts with your Endocannabinoid System, and brings the muscle pain to a halt, enabling you to go on with your life.

Minimizing arthritis: if you have arthritis, your joints typically swell out and grow tender, putting a strain on your ability to perform physical activities. The condition tends to worsen with the passing of the years. According to the CDC, about 54 million Americans have this condition. CBD topicals may be applied to affected joints to relieve pain and eliminate the condition. If arthritis is not treated early, the symptoms may grow worse, and horrendously affect the victim’s life. CBD contains powerful elements that fight off the disease.

Eliminating nausea: you are likely to experience this condition if you are hooked on some medication, especially if you are taking cancer drugs. The condition is characterized by a queasy feeling and the victim feels like throwing up any moment. If you saw something nasty on your way to work, it’s pretty understandable to feel nauseated during your coffee break. But if feeling nauseated is your default state, then something is wrong, and you need to fight off this feeling before it affects your health in a major way. CBD serums and salves can help fight off nausea thus allowing you to enjoy food and socializing again.

Psoriasis: this condition is characterized by reddish and scaly patches on the skin; and the patches commonly appear on the scalp, elbows, knees, and lower back. Just call to mind what it is like to have that condition and then have to get out among people. The judgmental assholes, of which there are many, would make your life hard. CBD topicals are proven to mitigate this skin condition and restore normal skin, but you have to use the topicals regularly and continue using to discourage any recurrence of the condition.

Acne: if you are a teenager, acne is like the worst thing ever, because no teenager is put on a pedestal with an acne-ridden face. But it’s not like 40-year-olds with acne are unbothered. No matter your age, acne will always be a drawback. If you have this condition and you’re swallowing pills, you are going about it wrong, but you should be into CBD, more specifically CBD topicals, because they contain hormone-altering properties, and they promote cleaning up of skin pores, making your skin clear and smooth. Applying CBD lotions, or serums, or salves, eliminates acne in record time.

Anti-aging: it doesn’t matter how long we have been walking the planet, we don’t want to be reminded that we are an old bat. We want to look youthful. Some of us are successful in this endeavor. And it’s why someone maybe 60 years old, but people will say, “Come on, they look not a day older than 30.” If you want to have the luxury of looking way younger than your years, let me interest you to CBD topicals, for they possess an anti-aging property. These topicals have no side effects whatsoever.

Rashes: it could be as a result of an infection, heat, allergen, immune system disorders, or even medications, but up to 19% of Americans experience skin rashes annually. This condition is difficult to hide, and it usually comes with a tremendous social burden. If you have been applying OTC creams or swallowing pills, you might want to stop and turn to CBD topicals, for they eliminate the bumpy and scaly skin patches. But this is not to mean that the results happen at the snap of a finger. You have to use CBD lotions, or serums, or salves regularly, and then you can bid skin rashes adieu.