When you meet someone and realize that they have every trait you require in a sexual partner, there’s one part you’ll start paying more attention to: their lips.

No one’s calling you a horndog, but yes, you’re an animal, and when you see a potential sex mate and notice supple lips, your mind cannot help but undress them.

Sadly, not everyone can boast of soft, kissable lips, but some people are pretty insecure about their lips, especially if they are humongous and chapped.

I can’t tell you what to do if you find your lips too big, or the wrong color, but if they are cracked or rough or sore, I can show you a remedy: CBD lip balm.

What is a CBD Lip Balm?

It’s just like any other lip balm, except that it contains CBD, a factor that increases its utility a hundredfold.

CBD lip balms may be used at any time of day, and during any weather, to preserve the moisturized appearance of your lips.

They achieve this by forming a layer along the surface of your lips, locking in the moisture, and shielding your lips from the effects of dry wind and temperature changes.

CBD lip balm has no toxic elements and no side effects whatsoever.

What are the Benefits of Using CBD Lip Balm?

Hydrates lips: if your lips are rough to the touch it usually means they are not hydrated. CBD lip balm enhances the hydration of lips, thus restoring the supple texture.

Skin peeling: the peeling away of skin distorts lips and causes pain. The condition grows worse if the weather is cold and windy. CBD lip balm prevents the peeling of the skin.

Supple: the best kinds of lips are supple and smooth, not droopy and chapped, and CBD lip balm is useful in making your lips supple.

Sun protection: the sun emits harmful rays that can cause skin cancer but using CBD lip balm, your lips are protected from the harmful UV rays.

Antibacterial: your lips can readily come into contact with bacteria havens, increasing your vulnerability of getting sick, but then CBD would terminate these bacteria to keep you safe.

What are the Causes of Dry Lips?

If you have dry lips, it doesn’t automatically mean that you take poor care of yourself, or that your health is wanting. Several factors can cause dry lips:

Unfavorable weather conditions: if you live in an area with a lot of cold, or wind, or high temperatures, your lips are at risk of cracking.

Lack of sufficient water: water is the lifeline for healthy lips. If your body is dehydrated, you could develop dry lips. Dehydration can be a result of not taking enough water or consuming too much alcohol, sugar, and caffeine.

UV rays: the sun emits certain radiations that are harmful to skin and in the worst-case scenario they can lead to cancer. UV rays can cause your lips to look dry.

Licking lips: the habit of licking your lips at the time might harm the health of your lips.

Drugs and supplements: some drugs and supplements contain chemicals that can cause dry lips. See a doctor about it.

Insufficient nutrients: if your body is lacking Vitamin B, it can lead to dry lips.

Can CBD Lip Balm Induce Relaxation?

Maybe in an indirect sense; look, if you are usually insecure about your chapped lips, and you apply CBD lip balm to make your lips soft and supple, it would elevate your moods, make you relaxed.

But CBD lip balm cannot induce calmness and relaxation because it is only a topical, not a consumable, and it doesn’t have a high bioavailability rate in the bloodstream.

Tips for Making Your Lips Supple

Your lips are one of your best assets, and you want to preserve their health by following these tips:

Apply CBD lip balm when your lips are moist: for maximum water retention, use a lip balm when your lips are already wet.

Avoid hot showers: the heat causes water to evaporate through your skin, putting you at risk of dehydration, but lips don’t respond well to dehydration.

Consume honey: it has a terrific brightening property, and it also makes skin tender. You may take raw honey or infuse it with drink and food.

Take care of your lips: think to how protective you are about your private parts… now that’s the kind of protection you owe your lips… for Christ’s sake, don’t mess with a crocodile.

Drink water: the supple and smooth texture of your lips is made possible by water. So, ensure you take sufficient water all the time.

Should I Forego Regular Lip Balm?

We can only show you the benefits of CBD lip balm and it’s for you to decide whether CBD lip balm carries more weight than regular lip balm.

But if you were to ask this writer for their opinion, I would encourage you to forego regular lip balm and start using CBD lip balm exclusively.

The reason is simple, CBD lip balm has all the benefits of regular lip balm, plus the tremendous advantage of CBD.

What are the Factors to Consider when Buying CBD Lip Balm?

Most people shop CBD lip balms from the net, but you want to be a bit smart about it, for poor judgments can lead to unnecessary losses.

Buy 3rd party lab-tested products: sadly, some manufacturers claim that a product contains a certain amount of CBD, but when tests are carried out, there’s just a tiny amount of CBD, and sometimes none at all. You don’t want to be tricked.

Full-spectrum CBD: if the lip balm is prepared using full-spectrum CBD, you stand to benefit from the entourage effect, thanks to the synergistic working of phytochemicals.

Concentration: the higher the CBD concentration, the higher the product quality. Always check to see how many mg of CBD is packed in the product.

How Can I Make CBD Lip Balm at Home?

If you have a tight budget and cannot buy a readymade CBD lip balm, you may prepare one at home, and it would take you around 30 minutes, but the quality is not at par with professionally made CBD products.


  • Full-spectrum CBD oil (2 tbsp)
  • Shea butter (2 tbsp)
  • Pellets of beeswax (2 tbsp)
  • Coconut oil (2 tbsp)
  • Lemon or peppermint essential oil


Step 1: put all the ingredients in a bowl and melt them in a microwave

Step 2:  add the lemon or peppermint essential oil

Step 3: pour the balm into small tubes

The yield is enough to cater to a nuclear family.