CBD drinks are tasty and versatile; whether it be water, energy drink, wine, beer, tea, coffee, soda, or cocktails, CBD infused drinks have a tremendous wellness utility, and this explains the increased rate of hemp production.

CBD drinks are in line with the diversification principle of the CBD market. It is a deliberate attempt to provide as many ways possible of ingesting CBD. If you are not fond of softgels or tinctures, both of which might have a grassy taste, CBD drinks would appeal to you.

As with anything else, you want to be careful when shopping for CBD drinks online, because there is no shortage of black hat merchants plaguing the CBD market with their inferior wares.

Are CBD Drinks a Placebo Scam?

Sadly, some sly marketers play on people’s helplessness to pass off CBD as some sort of life elixir. Make no mistake; CBD is instrumental at fighting away certain illnesses, but that is not to mean that CBD can cure virtually any disease known to man. And as these marketers go about banging their drums making wild claims in regards to the power of CBD, rational humans cannot help but question its legitimacy. Is CBD a scam? By no means! The US has allowed the extraction and sale of hemp-derived CBD since 2018, and as the market expands and more countries legalize cannabis, CBD has become a subject of interest to the scientific community. So far, it has been found that CBD has numerous benefits, especially in human health, and more impressively is that CBD performs these functions without leaving behind nasty side effects. And so, CBD drinks are not a scam, but they have tremendous usefulness.

What Is It Like to Take a CBD Drink?

Most people understand what smoking marijuana can make them feel like, and depending on the quantity that they smoke, they eventually get high, thanks to the psychoactive substance known as THC. But what about CBD, more specifically, CBD infused drinks? We understand that CBD has different properties, but there’s one constant; it cannot get you high. Unlike marijuana, the hemp plant contains minuscule THC levels, which is not enough to cause a high; and this is precisely why CBD has a mass appeal. You can ingest CBD at your workplace and it won’t affect your productivity or mannerisms. The same cannot be said of marijuana because it can cause you to exhibit unrestrained actions or words. CBD avails to you a reserve of mental and physical energy, enabling you to be more productive and successful; CBD also eliminates various health problems, all the while allowing you to remain clear-headed.

What are some of the Characteristics of Quality CBD Drinks?

Cannabidiol contains numerous health benefits, but to an extent, it depends on product quality, and so we cannot stress enough the importance of performing due diligence before you buy a CBD drink. Always buy from a company with a good reputation. The following are some of the properties that make a quality CBD drink:

Highly absorbable: different CBD drinks contain different ingredients, but some ingredients are known to suppress the absorption of CBD, which defeats the purpose. Avoid any CBD drink that contains acids or proteins that stifle CBD absorption.

Sufficient CBD Concentration: whether it’s an infused coffee, wine, or energy drink, you want to ensure that the concentration of CBD is enough, else you may just take regular coffee or wine. Check the labels to see there’s enough CBD.

Sweet taste: you probably chose CBD drinks over softgels, oil drops, and tinctures, because you are not fond of the grassy taste of CBD. You are interested in the sweet-tasting version. Most CBD drinks have artificial or natural sweeteners.

How Can CBD Drinks Benefit Me?

Most people take CBD to eliminate their anxiety and sleep disorders, but there are several health benefits associated with CBD. These benefits are not realized overnight and you have to make a habit of ingesting it. These are some of the ways CBD drinks can benefit you:

Pain relief: whether your pain is a result of a physical accident or you have a pre-existing medical condition like arthritis, you can fight off the pain by using CBD drinks. CBD interacts with your cannabinoid receptors to eliminate pain.

Cancer treatment: claiming that CBD cures cancer would be an exaggeration, but what is true is that CBD can be instrumental in treating cancer, because it relieves pain, minimizes tumors, and strengthens the immune system.

Weight loss: obesity is one of the silent pandemics of the modern era, and judging by the infinite scams getting pulled off successfully, so many of us are uncomfortable with our weight. Well, CBD will not make your excess weight disappear, but it boosts your metabolism, suppresses hunger, and enhances your cognitive functions, all essential factors in achieving your weight loss goals.

Can CBD Infused Drinks Get Me High?

Many people are curious as to whether CBD can get them high because it is a cousin to marijuana, but as we all know, marijuana can send you high as a kite. There’s no amount of CBD drinks you would consume to get high unless it was laced with some THC exceeding 0.3%, in which case it is not legal. If you’re in a high-stress line of work like journalism, banking, or you’re a small business owner, you can bring a CBD drink with you every morning, and watch your stress and anxiety become a thing of past. Unlike CBD oils, tinctures, or vapes, where consuming it gives you away, people (read managers) wouldn’t give your CBD drink a second glance, thus allowing you to ingest discreetly. Considering that CBD drinks boost your energy and increase your mental focus, they can accelerate the attainment of your life goals.

What Would Happen If I Took CBD Infused Alcohol?

I don’t want to sound like your religious aunty by reminding you that drinking excess alcohol can harm you, but wait a minute, even though alcoholism is not a good thing, there’s no harm in taking it in moderation. And what better way to spice up your booze than throw a dash of CBD? And so, nothing bad would happen if you mixed your alcoholic beverage with some CBD oil. You might want to develop a habit of taking this combo, for it not only enriches the taste of your beverage but also bestows numerous health advantages. I have not tasted CBD-infused alcohol yet, but I imagine it to be delightful, potent, and yes, groovy.

Can CBD Help Me Recover From A Hangover Quickly?

If you spend your Friday night in a bar, downing beers and laughing like a maniac, you’ll be hangovered probably the entire Saturday. You might experience headaches, nausea, racing heartbeat, and fatigue. When it comes to treating a hangover, most people swear by taking supplements and staying hydrated, but CBD is useful too in eliminating hangovers. First off, alcohol enhances dehydration, thus weakening your body’s defense, but then CBD promotes water retention in the body. CBD also stabilizes blood glucose, enabling you to have energy, become productive, not just laying in your bed like a lizardo. A hangover is likely to make you nauseous, discouraging you from consuming food, thus prolonging your low-energy spell. But CBD eliminates nausea and enables you to enjoy your favorite meals again. By eating nutrient-dense foods, you become energetic and set you on the path to recovery.

Can A CBD Drink Make Me Fail A Drug Test?

Some of the industries that require regular drug tests include transport, education, legal, and health. But drug tests are common in America. And so, it is a legitimate worry to ask whether a CBD drink can make you fail a drug test. Well, CBD drinks contain no THC, thus they wouldn’t make you fail a drug test. Ensure that you buy quality products to avoid consuming mislabelled products. If you consume more than 0.3% THC, it is sure to show up in the drug test results, putting you in problems.

How Can I Make a CBD Infused Drink At Home?

It’s just a question of your creativity. There are many CBD infused drinks you can prepare right at home. For instance, this is how you prepare a chamomile tea-infused drink.

Step 1: Bring water to a boil and add chamomile tea and milk

Step 2: Add a few drops of potent CBD oil

Step 3: Mix thoroughly and serve

Factors to Consider when Buying a CBD Drink

Don’t be the guy that picks up a product without looking at the label. The following are some of the factors you need to consider:

3rd party lab tests: this means a 3rd party verified the ingredients and requisite manufacturing standards were met. Understand that many unfair CBD merchants lie in their product labels.

CBD concentration: just because you bought a big-ass bottle of CBD oil doesn’t automatically mean that it contains a huge amount of CBD. Check to see that it has a sufficient level of concentration.

Check online reviews: the internet enables people to voice their opinion about what they have purchased. You can go checking for the opinions of those who have bought a CBD drink you are interested in, to see whether the average customer is satisfied or not.