8 Times You Need to Administer CBD to Your Senior Dog

You can administer CBD to senior dogs to manage several diseases.

Early disease detection ensures fast treatment, spares you hefty veterinary bills, and potentially saves your furry friend’s life.

As dogs advance in age, they become susceptible to various disorders, and so you have to monitor your dog closely to avoid the worsening of symptoms.

CBD has amazing health benefits for dogs. It is used in treating conditions like loss of appetite, pain, cancer, and many other illnesses.

If you have a senior dog, you can vastly improve his health by administering CBD. The following are some of the instances when you should give your senior dog CBD.

1. If They Have Constant Diarrhea

If your furry friend raided your trashcan and munched something he shouldn’t have, he might experience a runny tummy preceded by abdominal cramps. The symptoms usually go away as soon as the toxins get flushed out, but if your dog exhibits sporadic diarrhea, it’s usually a sign of an underlying health problem. Administer CBD as soon as you notice your furry friend having diarrhea.

2. If They Lose Appetite for a Prolonged Time

Nothing depresses a dog owner as much as their dog refusing to eat. Prolonged appetite loss will have him lose weight so that his ribs start lifting his skin. Appetite loss can be a sign of kidney problems, viruses, or a urinary tract infection. CBD can help eliminate these symptoms. The best way to go about it is by giving him infused treats, and CBD effects kick in slowly.

3. If They Urinate Excessively

Notice your dog soiling the house every so often? He might have polyuria (excessive urination syndrome) and this might have to do with kidney problems and infection. Administering CBD can help stop this condition and prevents dehydration.

4. If They’re Battling Anxiety

If a shifty dude visits with you, your dog might grow suspicious of him and start barking. It’s common for dogs to become uncomfortable and anxious around things (or people) they are not familiar with. However, if the anxiety is excessive so that he jumps and barks at everything, that’s a sign he’s not well. You may administer CBD to calm his nerves and help him keep it together. All dogs have an attachment to their owners, and separation can evoke anxiety. If your dog struggles with being separated from you, you may introduce CBD to minimize anxiety.

5. If They’re Overweight

As dogs become older, their metabolism kind of weakens. If you are feeding them calorie bombs, it will show. An overweight dog is susceptible to heart disease. You may give CBD to your dogs to promote fast metabolism, thus breaking down more food into energy, and creating a caloric deficit essential in weight loss. Administering CBD to your dog needs to be followed with healthy eating and physical activity. For goodness sake take him out on walks.

6. If They’re Lethargic

Have you noticed him retreating into his dark hole and not wanting to come out to the world? That could be a sign he’s unwell. Healthy dogs are barely still, but they walk around to explore the house, and the compound, and see what they can mess with. If you notice him lying around for hours on end, it’s a sign he’s coming down with something. Giving him CBD may not necessarily treat the underlying condition but it sure helps him step out of lethargy.

7. If They Experience Breathing Difficulty

Do you observe labored breathing in your furry friend? Respiratory distress should be treated as soon as you first notice the signs. Breathing difficulty is usually accompanied by nasal discharge, fever, and wheezing. Administer CBD to your furry friend to promote lung health and eliminate respiratory distress.

8. If They’ve Itchy Skin

If he has this condition, you’ll observe him grinding himself against stationary objects, especially walls and couches and chairs, scratching the itching way. You may apply CBD creams and gels on his body to eliminate the itch and make him comfortable.

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