6 Outstanding Features of VIVOSUN Grow Tents

Lately, many people are getting into cannabis growing. Some people prefer cultivating cannabis on a plot of land while some people prefer investing in indoor grow kits.

Indoor grow kits typically consist of different accessories and supplies including floor trays, grow lights, growing media, ventilation systems, and grow tents.

Grow tents have become popular for various reasons. For one, they permit you to simulate perfect conditions, so that you’re able to garden all year without relying on the seasons.

Cannabis growers that produce their plants from an indoor grow center usually minimize pest activity and achieve a higher level of plant health and yield.

As an indoor cannabis grower, one of the significant decisions you’re going to make relates to grow tents. There are numerous brands, but they are on different levels as far as quality.

One of the superior grow tents is VIVOSUN. Whether you’re a commercial or hobby cannabis grower, this grow tent is designed to suit your needs.

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The following are some of the outstanding features of VIVOSUN grow tents.

1. Strong Fabric

Grow tents are supposed to have a tough exterior, or else they might crumble when some small pressure is applied. VIVOSUN grow tents are made of strong fabric that wouldn’t cave even when pressure is applied.

Grow tents with tough skins usually minimize light leakage and boost light absorption, thus enhancing the performance of your cannabis plants. Grow tents made of strong fabric are typically long-lasting, thus they grant you service over numerous grow cycles.

2. Excellent Reflectivity

Light is one of the essential factors in food production. When you boost light intensity, you boost the photosynthetic capacity of the cannabis plant.

VIVOSUN grow tents are lined with high-performance reflective mylar films on the inside, and this particularly boosts light intensity within the grow tent.

With the higher level of light distribution and absorption, the photosynthetic capacity of cannabis plants is given a boost.

3. Outstanding Ventilation

Cannabis plants require a constant stream of fresh air to be able to achieve a good yield. And so, the ventilation system is a critical component of grow tents.

VIVOSUN grow tents consist of fans and carbon filters that enhance air purification, and this enables your plants to receive quality air that aids photosynthesis.

VIVOSUN grow tents have double-cinching ducting ports that enhance tent sealing, and this allows for free flow of air and boosts plant performance.

Aside from aiding photosynthesis, the fresh and free-flowing air protects the plants from burn injuries. You see, it can get hot within the grow tent, and this heat can hurt the plants.

However, good ventilation systems help with heat elimination, and as a result, this helps with protecting the cannabis plants from experiencing burns.

4. Sturdy Build and Higher Load-Carrying Capacity

VIVOSUN grow tents have a strong build, and they have an outstanding load-carrying capacity, thus making for easy support of grow tent accessories.

Sturdy grow tents are less likely to develop faulty lines and dents when the various tools and accessories are attached to the grow lights.

For instance, grow lights and ventilation systems are typically attached to the frame of the grow tent, and so if the grow tent is made of weak fabric it just becomes terrible.

5. Easy Installation

Quality grow tents are typically well designed and consist of efficient tools and accessories. VIVOSUN grow tents are designed for easy installation.

If you can assemble the grow tent on your own, it saves you from making unnecessary expenses and it enables you to also save time.

6. Observation Window

Going for long stretches without inspecting your cannabis plants is akin to allowing the spread of problems such as pests in the growing environment.

VIVOSUN grow tents are furnished with quality observation windows that make for easy surveillance of your hemp and marijuana plants.