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6 Best Marijuana Strains to Help You Get Over a Breakup

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If you invest a lot in someone, and then you break up, it can leave you heartbroken. But did you know marijuana can help you recover from a breakup?

Most of us are afraid of being alone, so when people leave us, more so significant others, we cling to them fiercely and implore them to come back.

But such desperation only works to drive them farther away and we end up looking like fools.

It doesn’t matter our failings, we must not be weak and pathetic, but if someone leaves us, we should have the sense to realize we’ll find someone else.

And so what if we don’t find another person!

The first step in getting over a breakup is destroying all the hope that you have that they’ll come back to you. Nope, they won’t, especially if your partner was the conniving kind.

Instead of turning to alcohol and drugs or becoming a Facebook motivational speaker you had better roll a fat joint and smoke your heartbreak away.

THC induces euphoria, so your emotional burden is lifted off, and in the aftermath, you become so elated you want to let loose a stream of grim, rumbling, villainous laughter.

Anxiety Elimination

Maybe you’re the anxious type who hates doing anything alone. Guess what, it’s time you overcame such fears.

Marijuana calms your nerves; stabilizes your emotions; puts you in a mood of calm and relaxation. It’ll be a breeze.

I mean, so what you’re walking in the city alone, or eating at a restaurant alone, or doing whatever the fuck you wanna do alone?

Quality Sleep

Heartbreak can leave some people on autopilot, like robots, so that they spend the whole night awake like an owl scanning their ex’s online profiles.

You was the type that couldn’t sleep unless you had someone beside you? Now it’s time to learn to hop in the bed and sleep it alone (wink).

Just get some marijuana strains to put your brain in a sleepy mode when it’s bedtime.

Top Sativa Marijuana Strains for Overcoming Heartbreak

If you recently stopped seeing someone and are feeling down, use the following sativa marijuana strains to get your life back:

1. Power Plant

This strain is native to South Africa but was bred by the Dutch. With the name “Power Plant” it’s a clear sign your energy levels are about to soar. This strain is best had in the daytime when you have a ginormous amount of work before you.

2. Thai

Also goes by Thailand or Thai Stick, but as the name suggests, it is native to Thailand, but was brought to America in the 80s. This strain has relatively high THC levels, and it evokes a distinct, body-enveloping high. Its buds are average in size and have diamond-like trichomes.

3. Colombian Gold

This strain is native to Colombia, more specifically; the Santa Marta mountains. A resin-rich strain with lemon and fruity undertones, it has won a few awards for its powerful cerebral effects. This strain helps you overcome emotional chaos and fortifies your brain so that you act with logic as opposed to feelings.


ECSD is short for East Coast Sour Diesel. With a spicy flavor and a citrusy aroma, this strain delivers quick, potent effects, knocking off your inhibitions and enabling you to act with boldness. It works extremely well for eliminating anxiety and helping you get into a sleepy mood.

5. Hawaiian Punch

This Hawaii native isn’t called “Punch” for nothing. The effects are akin to stopping a blow with your face. It has massive buds, with flaming pistils, and constellations of trichomes. With a hint of sedative effects, this strain is perfect for nighttime use.

6. Charlotte’s Web

This indica-dominant strain was created by the Stanley Bros in Colorado. It has a relatively high THC and CBD content. This strain helps relieve anxiety and depression. By the way, we have a canna firm that goes by the same name.