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5 Common Types of Vaporizers

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A vaporizer generates just enough heat to convert the active compounds in the dry herb or concentrate or vape juice into vapor.

People love vaporizers because they enhance the rapid onset of action. I mean, when you inhale the vapor, it enters the lungs and diffuses into your blood.

Vapors are discreet. Unlike a blunt, where the herb is combusted and sends up a billow of smoke, vapors use medium heat, and there’s no combustion.

Some people use vaporizers instead of joints or pipes and the argument is that vaporizers are the healthiest option.

Vaporizers come in varying designs, but all of them have a heating chamber, a power source, and a filter.

Categories of Vaporizers

Any vaporizer you ever use falls under these three categories:

1. Desktop Vaporizers

If you like vaping in indoor settings, desktop vaporizers are ideal. For what these vaporizers lack in being portable or self-powered, they more than make up for it with the rich vapor they produce. Just plop it on the table or chair, connect to a power source, and vape away.

2. Portable Vaporizers

But if you like vaping wherever you are, you should get a portable vaporizer. It can fit in your pocket, and it enables you to vaporize both your dry herb and wax concentrate. When buying a portable vaporizer, look for one with durable batteries, and an advanced heating system.

3. Vape Pens

They are ultra-portable and designed to vaporize distillates and oils. You may stuff the device in your pocket and it will look like a pen. Vape pens can be disposable or refillable, but they offer tremendous convenience.

How Do Vaporizers Work?

It varies from one type to another. Desktop vaporizers use a plate that is first made hot before loading the dry herb. The heat spreads around and cannabinoids are released as vapor. Vaporizers that use distillates and oils have an oven that heats the plant material and vaporizes active ingredients. The cannabis market is aggressively innovative. New designs for vaporizing devices are coming up, and you ought to go through product guidelines before you start using the device.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Vaporizer

For one, you have to consider whether you vape indoors or in someplace else. If you only vape at home, you can use a desktop vaporizer, because it produces the richest vapor. But if you’re always on the move, you can get a portable vaping device.

You should also go for something durable. One of the ways to ensure you buy quality is by going through customer reviews to see what others think of it. Quality products push customers into writing glowing reviews.

You should also understand what material your vaporizer is designed for. You don’t want to buy a vaporizer only to learn that it cannot be used with certain materials.

Types of Vaporizers

These are some of the vaporizers you’ll find out there:

1. Dab and Wax Pens

They are one of the latest vaping technologies. If you like being discreet when consuming cannabis, you’ll enjoy this device. It produces no herb scent, no smoke, and the hit lands on your lungs like the wheels of an airplane to a runway – smoothly.

2. Dry Herb Vaporizers

If you consider the smoke of a pipe or a blunt too harsh, you may very well put the cannabis buds in a vaporizer, so it is heated and the cannabinoids come out in vapor form. Dry herb vaporizers make for smooth hits.

3. Concentrate Vaporizers

They are designed to vape things like waxes, oils, shatter, and dabs. The vaporizer produces sufficient heat to convert concentrates and distillates into vapor. Concentrate vaporizers are cool and make for smooth hits.

4. Digital Vaporizers

Do you like having total control while vaping? Use a digital vaporizer. It enables you to monitor and adjust the temperature. With this device, you may enhance the quality of the vapor, and improve flavor. They are also low-maintenance.

5. Volcano Vaporizer

This device uses hot air to release the cannabinoids from plant material in vapor form. It is a healthier alternative to blunts or smoking pipes. Volcano vaporizers produce quality vapor, are reliable, and have a superior design.