420 Monkeys Review

Cannabis laws in South Africa may be liberal to a degree, but regarding public trading and consumption, things are a bit opaque.

And so, many people in SA appreciate a cannabis business like 420 Monkeys where they buy mary jane products safely and discreetly.

With its premium products, discreet shipping, and fast delivery, 420 Monkeys caters to thousands of customers on a daily basis.

The company prides itself on having offered the best selection of cannabis products since it began its operations a few years back.

The 420 Monkeys online store has an impressive menu consisting of cannabis flowers, vape accessories, concentrates, and edibles.

If you’re looking for a trusted mary jane online store in SA, where you can find great cannabis products, please go to 420 Monkeys.

420 Monkeys Menu: Some Products on 420 Monkeys

If you research about 420 Monkeys on the net, you’ll find endless rave reviews. This company is reputed for having quality products.

1. Cannabis Buds

Cannabis buds or flowers refer to the cured and dried nugs that may be ingested through different methods like smoking and vaping.

420 Monkeys offers quality cannabis buds across diverse strains. Buds may help achieve varied benefits like calmness and creativity.

Some of their popular strains include OG Kush, Sour Alien, Banana Hammock, Casey Jones, Chocolope, Jack Herer, and Maui Waui.

420 Monkeys has divvied up their cannabis flowers against different grow environments like a greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor grows.

Generally, the grow system can exert an influence on the quality of the cannabis buds; indoor grow systems make for the best buds.

2. Vape and Dab Accessories

420 Monkeys offers a range of supplies and accessories for alternative cannabis ingestion styles including vaping and dabbing.

You know, when you smoke a joint, the smoke is typically hot and unfiltered, and it might irritate or burn your soft throat tissues.

But with vaping and dabbing, you get to inhale soft and delicious cannabis vapor and mist that couldn’t hurt your soft throat tissues.

Some of the dabbing and vaping equipment offered by 420 Monkeys include dab sticks, vape pens, and cartridges.

3. Concentrates

Concentrates are potent cannabis forms. They are typically made when solvents are applied to dry flowers to filter out cannabis.

Concentrates may be ingested in diverse ways including dabbing, vaping, and incorporating your food with drink and food.

420 Monkeys offers a range of concentrates including Afghan Gold Hash, Honey Comb, Diamond Sauce, Shatter, and Indoor Kiev.

4. Edibles

Edibles describe a range of cannabis products that are typically ingested orally. Edibles are slow to kick in but trigger potent effects.

420 Monkeys stocks a range of edibles like Smoothies, Moonrock Treats, Loaded Choc, Glazed Peanuts, and Weed Leaf Gummies.

Keep in mind that when subjected to excessive heat, the gummies are at risk of melting down. So, you need to be super cautious.

5. Bath Products

Some people like ingesting cannabis topically. One of the best ways to ingest cannabis topically is by using infused bath products.

When taking a bath, the cannabis molecules sink into your skin pores, and then flow into your bloodstream, causing positive effects.

420 Monkeys offers a range of cannabis-infused bath products like handcrafted soap, acne bar, dog shampoo, bat oil, muscle rub, bath salt, face mask, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and shower melt.

Is 420 Monkeys Safe?

This is a 100% safe online cannabis store and delivery service. The company has crafted a solid reputation with its outstanding services.

If you comb the internet, you won’t find anyone speaking ill of 420 Monkeys, but most customers have only great things to say.

Your information and data are safe, and you get to receive your parcel discreetly. 420 Monkeys is not just safe but also reliable.

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Is 420 Monkeys Legal?

South Africa, when compared to other countries in the African continent, can be described as forward-thinking in matters cannabis.

Cannabis consumers enjoy various liberties like growing and consuming cannabis in the privacy of their homes.

But buying and selling, or handling and consuming cannabis in public might open one up to legal problems.

420 Monkeys is closing off a gap by allowing cannabis consumers to shop for cannabis products safely and receive them discreetly.

Generally, the cannabis laws in South Africa may be described as vague and ambiguous, except that there isn’t any strict enforcement.

There are numerous online cannabis stores and delivery companies, and they exist with full knowledge of the government, so it’s legal.

Where is 420 Monkeys Based?

According to unverified reports, 420 Monkeys operates out of Johannesburg, South Africa. You can contact them via: info@420monkeys.com or WhatsApp at 073 888 3020.

What a Customer Said:

Five stars, the level of services and products by this company are flawless. The order arrived super quickly and the products were of superior quality and well packaged. I’m exceedingly glad with the purchase I made.”

Joy Jerym
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