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20 Weed Smoking Accessories

Most people just roll a joint, spark it, smoke away. But if you are looking for the ultimate experience, you have to use weed accessories.

Countless tools can improve your cannabis sessions, and people choose the tools that suit their tastes and preferences.

The main factor to consider when buying weed accessories is the materials they are made out of. Ideally, choose materials with low thermal conductivity for easy handling.

You also want to consider the portability of the accessories and how easy they are to clean and maintain.

The following are some of the common weed accessories:

1. Bong Bowls

The bowl is where you put your herb before lighting it. You may use your bong with a customized bowl to improve the smoking experience. Bong bowls come in varied materials, shapes, and sizes. Whether you want to look cool or make a bold statement, you can’t go wrong with a bong bowl.

2. Ash Catcher

A bong will filter out unwanted substances from your smoke, and it will also cool down your smoke, making the hit cool and enjoyable. Ash catchers guide the smoke into the water chamber to ensure filtration and that the smoke is cooled down. They help make your hit smooth.

3. Bangers

Bangers are used to vaporize cannabis concentrates with a dab rig. They are typically made of glass or quartz and the designs can be hugely varied. Bangers can also be customized with art so that they look beautiful.

4. Nectar Collectors

They are a type of a dab rig with a neck, body, and tip. The tip is typically made of ceramic, titanium, or quartz. The tip is heated and then touches the concentrate, converting the active ingredients into vapor. Nectar collectors will enable you to enjoy cannabis concentrates.

5. Downstems

This is the part that connects the bowl to the bong. The smoke runs hot inside the downstem before it meets the water chamber and grows cool. Make sure the downstem matches in size with your bong, and that it is made of durable material.

6. Pollen Shakers

When grinding your herb, make sure to stack some screens underneath to collect kief, and kief are the tiny particles derived from trichomes. There are several things to do with kief. Whether you want to sprinkle it on your joint or smoke on its own, you may use a pollen shaker to do that.

7. Pollen Pressers

If you are tired of improvising methods to collect kief, just use a pollen presser. They allow you to collect kief passively, and help you economize your herb. You just grind your herb normally but silently kief is getting collected down there.

8. Scales

You certainly don’t want to consume more herbs than is recommended. Scales enable you to measure out your doses and also keep track of your stash. Get you a digital scale that can measure grams and ounces as well as grains and carats.

9. 420 Apparel

If you’re a proud cannabis user, you may very well announce it to the world. Get you some 420 lifestyle apparel and remind the world that they are missing out. There are many brands out there offering apparel with custom cannabis art.

10. Bong Cleaners

If you don’t keep your bong clean, the bong water will grow stale and smelly, and it will minimize the flavor and quality of the smoke. You need the right cleaning supplies to ensure that your bong is in tip-top condition at all times.

11. Stash Gear

You have to put your stash in a decent storage unit to keep it fresh all the time. And you also have to store carefully your smoking paraphernalia. The stash gear enables you to take great care of your smoking tools.

12. Ashtray

This is where you dispose of unwanted substances when smoking. The ashtray will enable you to keep your environment clean at all times.

13. Lighters

Every cannabis user needs a lighter to spark their herb. Whether you get a disposable or reusable lighter, it depends on your tastes. One of the best lighters you can get usually has a magnet and it can be attached to the bong, thus you never misplace your lighter.

14. Bong Bags

Instead of stuffing your bong along with your books or computer, just get you the bag designated for carrying bongs. Bong bags come in all shapes and designs, and they keep your bong safe. Perform some research before you settle on one bag to ensure you get the best product.

15. Vapor Domes

If you’re into dabbing cannabis concentrates, you surely must enjoy the convenience of vapor domes. They are equipped with a dab nail and they are popular for dabbing wax. Vapor domes ensure the complete vaporization of your herb.

16. Vapor Curves

Great equipment for smoking concentrates.

17. E-Nails

These are electronic devices for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. They are essential during dabbing. Electronic nails are convenient as you don’t need to heat the nail with a blowtorch.

18. Dabbers

They are narrow and pointed, which makes them ideal for picking up concentrates before propping them against the hot nail on a rig to vaporize the active ingredients. Dabbers are typically made of glass and metal.

19. Screens

When grinding your herb, don’t lose the pollen. Pollen (or kief) can be smoked on its own or used to spice up a joint. Screens help you collect fine pollen without doing extra work. Additionally, screens block out impurities from getting into your herb.

20. Bong Adapters

You know, bongs usually have numerous accessories. Sometimes you may get an accessory only to find that it is not fitting. What happens when you buy some accessories for your bong and then it becomes incompatible? You may use a bong adapter to ensure that they fit.

As we earlier said, you don’t need a lot of things to be able to enjoy cannabis. However, if you’re interested in having the best cannabis sessions, these weed accessories can help you. Before you buy anything, perform your research pretty well, and look at customer reviews to see whether people like the product or not.