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20 Jobs in America Where Using Marijuana is Easy

Marijuana is still taboo in various parts of the country, but users hope to get into careers that would let them be.

There’s no bigger injustice than criminalizing marijuana despite its proven medicinal benefits like anxiety relief and cancer management.

If you are a daily cannabis user, you have to plan ahead on how to ingest it, especially if you’re surrounded by disapproving people.

Using marijuana at the workplace is typically controversial, but if you are going to do it and go unnoticed, you have to be smart.

A middle school tutor who’s caught smoking marijuana in the school compound would probably lose their job and have her reputation ruined.

Marijuana users often wonder whether there are careers where casually lighting a blunt wouldn’t bring any trouble.

Of course, we have many such careers.

Top Careers in America Where Marijuana Use Is Tolerated

Marijuana users that work in the following fields have an easy time.

1. Producer or director

From the outside looking in, it seems like directors and producers are paid to just have fun, but that notion couldn’t be further from the truth.

Producers are burdened with providing resources for the project while directors are saddled with the tough job of managing artists to ensure the project comes together.

It’s an emotionally taxing job. But on the bright side, if you want to hit a blunt, there’s nothing to stop you, in fact, it’s encouraged.

2. Photographer

For some odd reason, most trust fund babies seem to be in this line of work, but let’s not minimize it because to be a good photographer you have to be creative, passionate, have social skills, and an eye for detail.

But hey, whether you be in a forest taking photos of those tall, thick, red-canopied trees, or you be standing a yard away from a naked quasi-model with your lower back slightly askew, you can stop mid-job and smoke a blunt.

3. Slot operations manager

It’s the casino, everything goes! Most gamblers have colorful personalities. As a slot operations manager, you’ll need the marijuana to keep you grounded.

4. Artist

Artists have a deep well of emotions. Whether you be good at drawing, singing, or writing lyrics, you are likely most productive when alone. You can smoke weed without bothering anyone.

5. Journalist

It’s commonly said that this line of work attracts psychopaths. If you’re a journalist, you’re always running around to get scoops, but you’re familiar with how wretched humans can be, and goodness knows you need a blunt to keep it together.

6. Small business owner or CEO

In my view, creating a successful business is the epitome of prosperity.

I mean, we lesser mortals needed someone to hold our hands, to give us a job lest we starve, but you said fuck it, you did your own thing, and now other people are feeding their families out of your creation.

Or being a CEO, you have a company to run, goals to meet, and must manage pressure from the board, else you get unseated.

But being a boss you can do as you wish, including smoking marijuana, and not give a toss.

7. Marketing officer

Marketing officers are persistent and cunning, but their job mostly involves communication. If they are on the phone with a prospective buyer, they could be simultaneously smoking a joint, zoning out.

8. Actor

Being a successful actor practically means being a small god. People old and young call out your name and gush tears when they see you. No wonder guys flock to LA ready to give their left nut to get acting jobs. Oh well, many actors smoke weed whenever they like, not worrying they’ll lose their job.

9. Graphic designer

Online businesses have made graphic design lucrative. A graphic designer can work from home, and so there are no barriers to using marijuana.

10. Blogger

If you have a cool idea, you can start a website and start blogging, and once your website attracts sufficient traffic, you monetize it. Take your bags and travel the world smoking all the weed you ever wanted, but don’t do it in South East Asia, you’d get your ass locked up.

11. Author

Yep, if you can get noticed by a major publisher, and create a readership around the world, you’re set for life. Go into your mansion and bang them copies… And smoke your teeth off.

12. Therapist

Wives come to you to tell you that their husbands are entangled with a dreadful, bleach-blonde, sausage-lipped monstress, and husbands come to you to call their wives warmed-up corpses. It gets stressful. You can smoke marijuana without asking nobody for permission.

13. Voice actor

This job allows you to work from home and you can take marijuana at will.

14. Fundraising manager

If you have many connections, you can leverage them to raise funds for start-ups and pay yourself hefty commissions. As your own boss, you take cannabis any time you wish.

15. Realtor

In this line of work, you’ll be outside most of the time, and you can always sneak away to take marijuana.

16. Model

If you have some unique body features (like prominent cheekbones) and a slender frame you have a higher chance of success as a model. But you can smoke marijuana when you’re not shooting a commercial or hitting the runway.

17. Construction manager

Yep, this job attracts manly men, not douchebags who will complain about marijuana.

18. Bartending

The money is good, but working at bars can be draining, both physically and emotionally, and you’ll need to take marijuana to stay level-headed.

19. Social media manager

If you help businesses increase conversions via social media traffic, you can do it at home, where you are free to take marijuana.

20. Web developer

And if you are good at creating and optimizing websites, you can do it from home too, and smoke all the weed you ever wanted.

Want a Career in the Cannabis World?

The cannabis market hasn’t hit its full potential because of legal limitations, but even now, the cannabis market is worth billions. There are numerous careers you can take on in the cannabis world.