15 Best Food Products Made from Hemp

Most people who dislike the taste of raw CBD usually turn to infused food products.

Orally ingested CBD may not have a high bioavailability but it still creates a prolonged buzz and allows you to be discreet.

The edibles market is worth billions, a clear indication that Americans are warming to edibles, capsules, and powder.

CBD edibles are the in-thing presently. Want to get in on the action to make a quick buck? Or are just looking for new ways of using CBD to improve your health? In this post, we highlight some of the popular food products made from hemp.

1. Hemp Energy Bars

If you run a company, you probably have minimal time for breaks, and this can drive you into consuming energy bars to keep your energy levels up. We now have CBD-infused energy bars that tune-up nutritional value.

2. Hemp Burgers

That moment you take the first bite out of a burger, the sweetness is indescribable. Burgers are made out of meat and bread, but CBD may be added to increase nutrient levels. Hemp burgers are not just delicious but super-healthy, too.

3. Hemp Butter

Whether you be baking, fixing sauce, or pan-frying, you may use butter to enhance taste and texture. Butter is typically gotten from cow’s milk, but can also be gotten in other mammals like goats and sheep. We now have CBD-infused butter that you can use to whip up amazing dishes.

4. Hemp Protein Powder

Know a bro who wants to grow huge biceps? They are probably into protein powders. These are nutritional supplements that enhance muscle building. Some of the common types of protein powder include whey protein, casein protein, soy protein, and egg protein. CBD-infused protein powder is slowly growing on bodybuilders for its amazing health benefits.

5. Hemp Hotdogs

Delicious foods oftentimes are low on the nutrition scale, but one of the ways to change this can be through adding CBD oil. And so, a hotdog prepared with CBD-infused ingredients is super healthy.

6. Hemp Granola

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you have to put a lot of energy in your body to prepare to face the day. Hemp-based granola will put extra strength in your body.

7. Hemp Flour

Aren’t we all into baked stuff? Instead of using standard flour, you may want to use CBD-infused flour, for it’s not just delicious but also healthy.

8. Hemp Honey

Honey has a long list of benefits; lowers bad cholesterol, has antioxidant properties, minimizes blood pressure, and prevents cardiovascular disease. Hemp honey takes these health benefits even higher.

9. Hemp Chocolate

Don’t we all love to spoil ourselves with chocolate every once in a while? But chocolate usually has an obscene amount of sugar and heavy indulgence can have a serious health impact. Adding CBD in chocolate is one of the clever ways to mitigate the bad effects.

10. Hemp Cookies

They said that girls run the world but that’s a lie; cookies do! And hemp cookies are much better because besides being delicious they have medicinal properties.

11. Hemp Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are those chewable little things. They first appeared in the early 20th century in Germany and have never gone out of style. We now have CBD infused gummy bears that are most ideal for kids.

12. Hemp Biscuits

They too never go out of style. Hemp infused biscuits should have a great nutrient profile.

13. Hemp Cereal

Taking CBD-infused cereal in the morning takes your energy levels to a whole new level.

14. Hemp Cake

I mean, who doesn’t love feeling their mouth full from a drippy, chocolate, delicious cake? Hemp cake is made using one or more CBD-infused ingredients, thus increasing its health value.

15. Hemp Seasoning Blends

Yep, whip up delicious meals by peppering your food with hemp seasoning.

The hemp plant has numerous health benefits and appeals to most people because it has no psychoactive properties!

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