If you believe, “Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu,” you would have no problem rocking hemp-based clothing.

Most clothes are made out of cotton and polyester, but now we have hemp fabric, and it’s shaking up the industry.

Hemp fabric is gotten from the stalks of the hemp plant and it is used to make products with a lot more mileage as far as both strength and weather resistance.

Why are people turning to hemp clothing and accessories?

  • Hemp allows for versatility and can be blended with other materials to create hybrid
  • It’s lightweight, has a smooth texture, and doesn’t compromise on quality
  • The smooth fabrics enhance good aeration
  • It has hydrophobic properties and so it’s water-resistant
  • Blocks out UV rays
  • Mold resistant

Top Clothing and Accessories Made Out of Hemp

The following hemp-based clothing products and accessories are retailing in the market:

1. Hemp Shirts

Fashionable shirts are so in, they make you stand out, and boost your confidence. Shirts made out of hemp are smoother, lighter, and more durable. There are many brands offering hemp shirts at varying prices.

2. Hemp Jeans

Who doesn’t love donning cool jeans? Jeans are a common piece of clothing across the world, but did you know that denim manufacturing plants (mostly China-based) are polluting the environment? But hemp jeans are 100% organic and fashionable, too.

3. Hemp Shoes

When you are looking to buy a pair of shoes, you are probably going for something light, comfortable, and durable. Hemp shoes are not just light and durable, but they are eco-friendly, too.

4. Hemp Jacket

Weather patterns are nowadays departing from the norm. We know not when it’s next gonna be chilly. And you could get yourself a cool hemp jacket to keep yourself warm while staying friendly to the environment.

5. Hemp Backpacks

Backpacking is an exercise for the body, mind, and spirit; it helps you know your true self. As you climb mountains and sleep out, you give more thought to nature and the environment, and it reflects in the things you choose to buy. You wouldn’t mind carrying your things around in a hemp-based backpack.

6. Hemp Sandals

Instead of wearing typical plastic flip flops, how about some superiorly designed 100% organic hemp sandals? They are available for both men and women.

7. Hemp Handbags

A handbag is a mini-extension of a woman’s room; it carries the essentials. But show us that you care for the environment by buying hemp-based handbags.

8. Hemp Phone Case

If you own a smartphone, you must know that it ain’t cheap to repair a cracked screen, and you had better invest in a phone case. Hemp phone cases are not only strong but also light and durable.

9. Hemp Laptop Bags

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken to teleconferencing, as actual meetings would increase virus spread, and so laptops are our lifeline. We need to invest in a good laptop bag, but more importantly, one that’s environmentally friendly.

10. Hemp Yoga Pants

Some men say that the best sight of women is when you catch them walking out of the sea in a drenched bikini, but some other men protest that the best sight of women is watching them in a yoga class as they stretch their limbs immaculately and arch their butts up. Are you into yoga? Get you some hemp-based yoga pants.

11.  Hemp Wallets

Wallets are not anymore used for carrying money as they are for carrying valuable documents like identification and licenses, but still, men wanna have cool wallets. A wallet made out of hemp is lightweight, fancy, and durable.

12. Hemp Socks

If you are feeling cold, wearing socks will do you good, and you can’t go wrong with some hemp socks.

13. Hemp Diapers

Once you become a parent, you are now responsible for another human, and it activates your momma bear gene. Start with preventing burning and itching sensations in your baby’s bottom by switching from nylon and plastic diapers to 100% organic hemp diapers.

14. Hemp Belts

A good belt makes you look fashionable as hell. Ditch the plastic and leather belts and opt for hemp belts, if not for nothing else, at least for the sake of the environment and animals.

15. Hemp Ties

Suits and ties will never go out of style. Get you a hemp-based tie and make it a conversation starter. “Hey, Mrs. Samaki, guess what this is made of?”