11 Best Beauty and Skin Products Made from Hemp

The linoleic acid and essential fatty acids found in hemp are valuable in making beauty and skincare products.

Do looks matter? Oh yes, best believe they do. Someone with attractive features is going to attract more suitors than someone who looks plain.

But unless you have a traumatic facial injury, there’s no level of ugliness that can’t be corrected with the right beauty products.

You know how photos of presently famous Hollywood stars surface; photos that were taken a lifetime ago; and we cannot help but think they looked ashy back then?

When they started cashing in big checks, they could access the best beauty and skin regimen and it made all the difference to their looks.

Top Hemp-based Beauty and Skin Products

The following products are hemp-based, and are particularly useful in improving looks:

1. Hemp Body Lotion

If you wanna have supple skin, you must start to use body lotions. They eliminate skin dryness, fight away aging lines, and put a gloss on your skin. Hemp body lotions enrich your skin with nutrients and block out harmful UV rays.

2. Hemp Lip Balms

When a man stumbles into a woman, and he notices her dainty, plump, soft lips, with a prominent cupid’s bow, he’ll be drawn to her as though magnetized. Women care enough to invest in lip balms. Now, hemp lip balms offer nutrients and more suppleness.

3. Hemp Shampoo

It’s the ever-present item in salons and in shower rooms. It cleans dandruff off and makes your scalp smooth. Hemp shampoo contains fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that enhance the growth of quality hair.

4. Hemp Hair Pomade

Hair pomade is a waxy substance that enhances hair styling. It’s beloved by people who like experimenting with different hairstyles, as it secures the hair in position, but at the same time makes it flexible. Hemp hair pomade is enriched with nutrients to promote quality hair.

5. Hemp Makeup

Women should thank their lucky stars for makeup! Have you seen one of those before and after videos on YouTube highlighting the gaps closed by makeup? I mean, makeup can transform a woman with dents on her face into a bubbly, fairy queen! Hemp makeup enriches your skin with nutrients and helps you glow.

6. Hemp Soap & Toothpaste

We should get at least one shower every day because if not, we are going to start smelling funny and being made fun of behind our backs. Lathering yourself with hemp soap turns your health notches up. Oh, and don’t forget to scrub your teeth and tongue with a hemp toothpaste.

7. Hemp Menstrual Pads

They are 100% organic and will make you feel comfortable.

8. Hemp Massage Oil

There’s nothing as relaxing and pleasurable as getting your body rubbed with slow music in the background. Massages have numerous benefits like improving blood circulation, fast-tracking recovery from injury, and enhancing skin tone. Hemp massage oil is loaded with cannabinoids and fatty acids that sink into your epidermis to improve your health.

9. Hemp Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen shields your skin from harmful UV rays that could lead to skin cancer. Hemp sunscreen is important for several reasons: slows down aging, evens your skin tone, and prevents blotches from appearing on your skin.

10. Hemp Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are so in! They add essential oils and aroma to your bath water, bubbling, enabling you to take a truly refreshing bath. Get you some hemp bath bombs to not just enjoy bathing but also improve your health.

11. Hemp Beard Balm

For some odd reason, when I think of beards, the image of Nipsey Hussle comes to my mind. I think when he was created, God had fixed every part of him so well together, and then put it with his unique brain, his militant Malcolm X boldness, and his seriously Leo energy, he was practically a next-level human being, and very unlike us. BTW Nipsey has a marijuana strain for his legacy. Oh well, hemp beard, helps you get a full beard.