10 Types of Weed Grinders

Finely-ground herb makes for smooth hits. We use an herb grinder (also called a weed grinder) to break stocky cannabis buds into small crystals.

If you don’t have a weed grinder, you can still grind your flower in other ways, except weed grinders are the standard.

You may collect kief by stacking pollen screens underneath the weed grinder. Kief is derived from trichomes and can be smoked on its own or used to spice up joints.

Herb grinders are available in different shapes and designs, but metal is the commonest material for making herb grinders.

Always perform your research and go through customer reviews before you order your weed grinder.

Categories of Herb Grinders

The following are some of the categories of herb grinders:

2-part grinders: they are the most basic weed grinders. They consist of two compartments and promote rapid herb grinding.

3-part grinders: they consist of basic compartments plus a pollen screen. They do a perfect job of grinding your weed, and they also help you collect kief.

4-part grinders: these are advanced weed grinders, and they have a five-star weed-grinding and kief-collecting system. They consist of several compartments and pollen screens.

Mini-grinders: maybe you’re always on the move, but you want to be able to smoke wherever you go. Mini-grinders are super portable and do a good job of breaking herb.

Magnetic grinders: they are fitted with a magnetized lid that snaps shut after use, thus minimizing loss, and enhancing the device’s durability.

Whether you want a 2-part or 4-part herb grinder, know first the results you want.

Types of Herb Grinders

The following are some of the common types of herb grinders:

1. Metal Herb Grinders

Most people prefer metal weed grinders because they promise longevity. These grinders are usually made out of anodized aluminum or stainless steel, and their teeth take after the teeth of a sea monster, only smaller. The lids are outfitted with magnets for security.

2. Wooden Herb Grinders

Wooden weed grinders may not be as popular as metal grinders, but they are still efficient. They typically consist of two compartments and also enhance fast cannabis grinding. They have steel pins, are non-complicated, and are beautiful.

3. Acrylic Herb Grinders

Acrylic is widely used in creating smoking accessories, but acrylic is practically indestructible. They are low-cost, easy to use, and maintain. They are also outfitted with magnets on the lid to avert any loss of herb.

4. Stone Herb Grinders

Stone weed grinders have been around the longest. They do a perfect job of crushing herbs to enable you to enjoy smooth hits. Stone grinders have a rustic, sophisticated design, and they can also make decent home embellishments.

5. Crank Grinders

These weed grinders are available to help people with certain health conditions like arthritis, chronic inflammation, or muscle spasticity. You simply load the herb in the grinder and crank away.

6. Cool Herb Grinders

These grinders come in trendy and amazing designs. They magnify your personality and would make for amazing gifts. They also have customizations e.g. pollen screens for collecting kief. If you consider traditional grinders boring, then get yourself a cool herb grinder.

7. Cheap Herb Grinders

In these hard economic times, you cannot resist a reasonably-priced grinder that still does a good job of breaking up your herb. Also, these grinders are durable. You just get your device without breaking a bank.

8. Electric Herb Grinders

Some mornings you’ll be too hangovered to work a grinder. In those mornings you can appreciate the convenience of grinding your herb at the push of a button. Electric herb grinders also have cool storage compartments.

9. Magnetic Herb Grinders

Magnetic grinders are made from different materials, and they allow for proper grinding of herbs without even little spillage. Whether you are traveling or want to save time, you can grind a lot of herbs, and then keep them in the storage unit.

10. Herb Graters

If you don’t like the traditional weed grinder, you can make do with the herb grater, besides it’s a perfect hand workout. They are metallic and have sharp teeth that you rub your chunky buds against. With good maintenance, they can last for ages.

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