10 Reasons Why Your Country Should Legalize CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the hundreds of phytocannabinoids of the cannabis plant. Research shows that CBD has numerous therapeutic advantages.

Humans have been consuming CBD since ancient times, but surprisingly, CBD is banned in many countries around the world including Singapore, Iceland, and UAE.

If you are aware of the benefits of CBD oil, and you would like to ingest CBD but cannot ingest it simply because your country bans it, this can be very frustrating.

America legalized hemp-derived CBD in 2018, and it’s high time that other countries followed suit. The following are some of the justifications for legalizing CBD.

1. Eliminate Black Market

Once a product is banned, it don’t mean that people won’t be able to access it, because the product will appear in the black market, except that it will be highly-priced.

Numerous risks and dangers come with buying CBD products from shady dealers, and so, it would be ideal to legalize CBD oil, create a thriving market, and eliminate shadiness.

2. Protect the Consumers

When something is illegal, and you have to resort to unorthodox means to get the product, there’s likelihood that the product is of least quality and potentially harmful.

With CBD oil legalization, the market is opened up, and the ensuing competition leads to raised standards of products and innovation, thus the consumer is protected.

3. Economic Prosperity

Many people have awakened to the health benefits of CBD oil, and so, if CBD oil was legalized, there would be a thriving CBD market thanks to the soaring demand.

In the US, the CBD industry is a multi-billion industry. With CBD legalization, various economic outfits come up, which ultimately generate income for the government.

4. Eliminate Organized Crime

When a product is prohibited, and the black markets pick it up, organized crime usually accompanies it. And organized crime brings about social and economic evils.

For instance, the cannabis black market is worth billions of dollars, and it’s operated by drug lords who engage in other illegal activities like human trafficking.

And so, legalizing CBD would minimize the power that these lords of darkness wield.

5. To Promote Research on CBD

When governments started banning cannabis, it was accompanied by propaganda that caused people to have a false perception of cannabis.

Many people hold misleading opinions about cannabis. Like, cannabis can cause you to run mad, or it can cause you to fall back on your responsibilities.

Even though research on cannabis isn’t extensive, according to anecdotal evidence and preliminary studies, cannabis has numerous health benefits.

With the legalization of CBD, it would create an enabling environment for research on CBD to be performed, and a new world of CBD benefits would be brought to light.

6. To Diversify Ingestion Methods

One of the traits of CBD is that it is a versatile product. It can be ingested in a variety of ways, and each of these ingestion methods can influence the effects.

In countries where CBD is illegal, there may be exceptions for medicinal use, but then the consumers face limitations in terms of ingestion methods.

With legalizing CBD, it sets up an economic space where numerous companies can come up and offer diverse CBD supplies.

7. Free Convicted and Jailed People

Many governments around the world have a hostile stance against CBD. A recent case of such hostility was demonstrated in UAE, with a tourist getting 25 years for CBD possession.

But CBD has numerous therapeutic benefits, so, it makes no sense to jail people over something that causes no type of harm.

With CBD legalization, it would lead to the freeing of anyone imprisoned over CBD, and such people should be compensated.

8. Improve Democracy

Even though the governments have banned cannabis products, the people usually have an open mind and are in support of cannabis legalization.

And so, the lawmakers should look to see which legislations that people want, and put up systems to let people get their way.

If people were allowed to vote for CBD legalization, then CBD would become legalized.

9. Free Up Police Resources

Governments commit a gigantic budget to monitoring crimes around the possession and use of CBD. But, such resources should be allocated to more deserving causes.

Many crimes evade the attention of police, simply because their resources are stretched. And so, it would be better if the government redirected resources from monitoring CBD crimes to solving crimes.

10. To Eliminate the Bad Reputation

CBD in non-psychotropic, meaning that it would cause you to experience a mental high, but many people seem to think that CBD is the same as marijuana.

Even though CBD and marijuana belong to the cannabis family, the two compounds have different traits, but many people never care enough to make the distinction.

Many people lump up CBD with other psychoactive substances and give it a bad name. And so, with legalizing CBD, it would help eliminate the bad reputation.

CBD is non-psychoactive, and you can easily incorporate it to your daily routine.

The Takeaway: Legalize CBD

CBD is a major compound of the cannabis plant. It’s present in both the marijuana and the hemp plant, but is commonly extracted from the hemp plant. CBD is legal in many countries in Europe and America, but still illegal in many countries. With preliminary studies showing that CBD has numerous therapeutic benefits, our stance is that CBD should be legalized the world over.


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