10 Cool Things To Do With Kief

See the sticky, tiny crystals that envelop cannabis flower? That’s kief!

Kief holds high levels of both terpenes and cannabinoids and may be used variously to enhance cannabis sessions.

They form part of the trichome, and trichomes are the milky diamonds that disorient predators (mostly herbivores) by “poisoning” them.

Some cannabis users forego wax and concentrate in favor of the less-expensive kief, for it’s simple to separate kief crystals from the cannabis flower.

They use a three-chamber cannabis grinder to crush the flower so that the tiny kief particles are sifted into a separate compartment.

To ensure you get clean kief, use layered kief screens, arranged from biggest to smallest.

Cool Ways to Use Kief

Once you collect kief from cannabis flower, you may use it in several ways:

1. Roll a joint

You can smoke kief on itself. These tiny canna particles would get you high fast. Whether you prefer rolling a joint or packing a bowl, have in mind that kief combusts pretty fast, so you must not give in to distractions when you’re on your kief-joint.

2. Sprinkle it on a packed bowl or joint

Wanna take the potency of your bowl or joint a degree higher? Sprinkle some kief on it. Just pack your bowl or roll your joint with cannabis bud, and then crown it with kief. This combination makes for a dense, THC-rich smoke that soon has you floating.

3. Make hash

Hash is a form of condensed cannabis plant resin, and is typically inhaled with a pipe, or a vaporizer, but can also be ingested orally. You may make hash with kief. Fold parchment paper and put kief in it, before sandwiching with hot iron plates. Make sure to supply the heat only for as long as needed to transform the kief into a block without ruining the parchment paper. Once your brick is ready, you may prepare infused edibles or straight-up inhale by using a vaporizing device.

4. Kief Press

Still related to the point above, except we use sophisticated tools, and comes out as a pill instead of an ugly, formless brick. Put the kief into a kief press and create hash pucks. Their compact form allows them to last longer when smoked or vaporized.

5. Create vape juice

Vape juice is what you put in a cartridge and inhale as vapor. If you have a reusable vape pen, you may refill the cartridge with kief-derived vape juice. You require vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, a coffee filter, syringes, a double boiler, and a flavor additive. Mix vegetable glycerine with propylene glycol in an even ratio and put them in your double boiler; next throw in the kief and let it melt and have a smooth consistency; put some flavor; filter out the plant material and your vape juice are good.

6. Cook with it

You may add some kief into your recipes, but be sure to add toward the end to avoid overheating and thus denaturing active compounds. Kief has a subtle flavor, and high potency, and a little bit goes a long way. You put it in stews, baked goods, and even hot drinks.

7. Create moon rocks

If you wanna get so high you cannot tell your elbow from your ass, I suggest you try moon rocks. They are made out of dipping cannabis nugs (fire bud) in extracts and rolling in kief. With THC levels as high as 50%, moon rocks are outstandingly potent. If you’re new to cannabis, use moon rocks with caution.

8. Press kief into rosin

Rosin is a concentrate made by eliminating various terpenes and cannabinoids via heat and pressure. You may use kief to create rosin dabs to be ingested variously.

9. Sprinkle on butter

According to legends, kief sprinkled on butter slaps!

10. Sprinkle on breakfast cereal

Yep, put that kief in your oatmeal to kick off your day!

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