Reflective mylar film rolls are an important addition to your grow tent; they help with preventing the loss of heat or light.

When reflective mylar film rolls are installed on the walls of your grow space, it minimizes the escape of both heat and light.

By promoting light reflection, the levels of light absorption are massively boosted, and this leads to optimal plant performance.

By redirecting unused light back to the plants, you not only improve effectiveness but also minimize the costs related to grow lights.

Always make sure to install the reflective mylar film roll on your grow tent. The following are the 10 best reflective mylar film rolls:

1. VIVOSUN Horticulture Reflective Mylar Film Roll 4 x 50ft 2 Mil

2. Vic Plastics

3. FlashGro on White 4’x25′

4. Panda Black & White Poly Film 10 ft x 100 ft Roll

5. Sunfilm Black & White Panda Film 10 ft x 100 ft Roll

6. Permaflect Reflective Fabric, 25′ x 54

7. GroXcess B&W Panda Film 10 x 100′ – 5.5 Mil

8. Diamond Foil on White 110mic – 4’x100′

9. Reflective Metalized Film, 100′ x 48″, 2 mil

10. AC Infinity