10 Best Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs enhance the filtration and cooling of smoke, thus enabling you to take smooth (and massive) bong rips.

There are multiple holes in the bong, and so the smoke takes up different paths, a process that guarantees even cooler smoke.

Instead of the smoke hitting the water in one massive cloud; it is divvied up along the way, thus increasing the level of contact between smoke and water.

This arrangement results in a clean and cool smoke and eliminates the potential of coughing especially if you be a newbie.

With a percolator bong, you may enjoy smoking the herb whether you be alone or with friends.

Improved Smoke Quality

What analogy best fits the percolator bong? Well, think of an average car… It can move you from point A to point B.

But if you are in a supercar, you not only move from point A to point B but you also get to experience regal power, class, and beauty.

That’s what percolator bongs are about! They elevate the art of smoking herbs into a luxury, so you enjoy every minute of it.

They have impressive customizations and beauty, and something about the harmonious combination of their elements makes you flash a smile.

Percolator Bongs are Hugely Varied

Bongs have one major function; filtering and cooling the smoke of combusting herb, but the percolator bong takes things to a whole ‘nother level.

Perc bongs come in different styles like:

Dome percolators

With this type of perc bongs, there’s a dome located in the chamber, and it has holes that smoke first passes through before getting into the water.

Tree percolators

These perc bongs feature narrow glass tubes where smoke runs through before getting into the water.

Showerhead percolators

The glass is practically shaped like a showerhead, so that smoke swims its way via the holes into bong water.

Honeycomb percolators

The glass holds a series of holes shaped like honeycombs, where smoke is split up before diffusing into the bong water.

Inline percolators

The glass has a basic design to enhance rapid smoke diffusion.

Top Percolator Bongs

These percolator bongs are stealing the show, and it’s down to both their amazing functionality and beauty.

1. The “Pandora” Inception Cube Capsule with Inline Perc

This percolator bong with excellent filtration properties. Made with robust glass, this glass is durable and high-performance. It features percolators, a reinforced downstem, and a rimmed mouthpiece.

2. Black Leaf ELITE Cylinder 6-arm Perc Ice Bong

Made out of borosilicate glass and with 6-arm slitted tree percolator, this perc bong will enable you take massive bong rips. The equipment is done tastefully.

3. Icebong with HoneyComb 10-Arm Tree Percolator with Built-in Downstem

With two percolators and honeycomb diffuser disk, we are looking at a monster of a bong that delivers smooth hits. The top part is beautifully decorated with beads.

4. Black Leaf Baby Bongbastic 2-in-2 Percolator Ice Bong

It features a slitted diffuser downstem, double bowl attachment, and multiple bowls, so that you may switch between herb and concentrate without breaking a sweat.

5. Blaze Glass Tower Straight Ice Bong with Double 8-arm Tree Perc

With a low center of gravity, it cannot be easily knocked over, and it features double tree percolators with shock-absorbing properties, as well as a slitted diffuser downstem.

6. Vodka Glass Showerhead Perc Truffle Bong

With showerhead percolators, this bong is thick and built to last. It breaks up smoke for easy diffusion in the bong water. The bong also has beautiful features.

7. Jay and Silent Bob Percolator Beaker Ice Bong

Another durable bong with a fixed downstem, slitted showerhead percolator, and an ice catcher; it will enable you to take huge bong rips.

8. LA Pipes Beaker Ice Bong with Showerhead Percolator

A towering 12-inch monster that delivers well-filtered and chilled smoke and will get you high in a finger snap. It has all the amazing features and elements.

9. Dopezilla Hydra Straight Ice Bong with Tree Perc

This handcrafted bong is made out of the finest material (borosilicate glass) and stands at 13 inches and it has modified parts to enhance beauty.

10. Thug Life Beaker Base Bong with UFO Perc

This monster stands at 14.2 inches, and it’s installed a UFO percolator, downstem, and bowl. It’s optimized for maximum herb enjoyment you’ll soon feel like an alien space traveler.

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