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10 Best Marijuana Strains that Make You More Talkative

There’s nothing wrong with being a quiet person… But if you resent it, if you wish you were a talkative individual, marijuana can help you make that transition.

Most people are extroverted, which means they like engaging others, and they cannot understand why someone would keep to themselves.

Some loners are comfortable in their solitude, but some loners hate their reality and wish they could mix with others easily.

The best approach is pushing yourself into situations where you must socialize with other people. Start attending church services, go out for events, and approach people there.

As you gain experience, you overcome your negative self-image, you gain confidence, and it allows you to get along with others.

Marijuana can be good at supplementing your efforts to go from a quiet into a talkative person.

Top Sativa Marijuana Strains for Improving Talkativeness

The following sativa marijuana strains are excellent at helping an individual cease being quiet all the time and become social with other people.

1. Pineapple Punch

This sativa-dominant strain is an offspring of Skunk #1 and Real McCoy. It offers delicious pineapple and citrusy flavors. It is excellent for fighting off bad moods thus making it easy to socialize.

2. Snow Dog

It inherits most of its genetics from the Chemdawg. This strain has a fruity flavor and delivers rapid action. It is very much beloved for its uplifting effects.

3. Lemon Ice

This strain is developed by mixing Lemon Haze with Afghani. Its buds are average-sized, but with a dense coat of crystals. It has high THC levels and causes rapid effects.

4. Purple Stardawg

This strain is developed by combining Chemdog 4 with Tres Dawg. It has a distinct aroma and an earthy aroma with a hint of pine. It is an excellent strain for boosting moods.

5. Trinity

Marijuana smokers reckon that this strain is difficult to find. It possesses a strong scent and a distinct flavor that will elevate your spirits and boost your energy levels.

6. Bay 11

This strain was developed by breeders known as Grandy Daddy Purp by combining undisclosed strains. It’s a resin-rich strain with a citrusy flavor and activates rapid action.

7. Purple Thai

This strain is made by breeding Highland Oaxacan Gold with Chocolate Thai. Purple Thai has an amazing scent and flavor and it induces rapid action.

8. Alaska

This Israeli marijuana strain is not only great for elevating moods but also treating several conditions like inflammation, pain, nausea, and insomnia.

9. Allen Wrench

This strain is gotten by mixing Trainwreck with NYC Diesel. With a strong scent and a distinct flavor, this strain induces a body and mind-enveloping high that sticks around for quite a while.

10. Sour Amnesia

This strain bred by HortiLab Seeds is an offspring of Sour Diesel and Amnesia. The earthy, citrusy, and diesel flavors mix to raise a delicious taste. Sour Amnesia eliminates depression and anoints you with a sunny disposition.