10 Best Marijuana Strains for Managing Epilepsy

This neurological problem is characterized by seizures and abnormal behaviors. It can manifest in both men and women across the board.

Some of the main causes of this condition include stroke, traumatic head injuries, drug addiction, limited oxygen supply during birth, and genetics.

But it’s one of the worst disorders of the central nervous system and it typically complicates your life and makes you super-vulnerable.

The common methods of treating epilepsy include medication and surgery. Drugs may not eradicate epilepsy but they are critical for managing seizures.

But there’s a less-talked-about way of controlling seizures: marijuana! People with epilepsy that use marijuana usually rate marijuana as very effective.

There is a cannabis-based drug, epidiolex that is effective at managing epilepsy.

Top Hybrid Marijuana Strains for Treating Epilepsy

The following hybrid marijuana strains are excellent for controlling seizures and making epilepsy patients less vulnerable.


Its genetics are mostly identical to Girl Scout Cookies. Patients with epilepsy love it for its capability of boosting alertness, relieving stress, and overcoming chronic pain.

2. White Russian

The White Russian was created by mixing White Widow with AK-47. It has mild cerebral effects that make you feel at peace. It also has some couch-lock effects and is thus ideal for nighttime use.

3. Limoncello

It also goes by Lemonchello 28, and it contains 50% of both indica and sativa genetics. This strain is an offspring of Cherry Pie and The Original Lemonnade. It has an excellent CBD to THC ratio.

4. Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is the child of Lavender and Power Plant. It produces massive buds with vast crystals. This strain promotes attentiveness and is also ideal for relaxation and overcoming pain.

5. Jillybean

Jillybean is a highly potent marijuana strain gotten from breeding Orange Velvet with Space Queen. It helps people with epilepsy overcome their anxiety and function in society undeterred by their condition.

6. Orange Crush

This strain was developed by mixing California Orange with Blueberry. It is beloved for its berry flavor and rapid cerebral effects.

7. OG #18

This strain is descended from OG Kush. It improves the quality of sleep. When epilepsy patients get quality sleep, it reduces their likelihood of suffering from seizures.

8. LA Cake

This marijuana strain was developed by mixing LA Kush with GG4. It has a diesel aroma and people love it for both mental relaxation and uplifting effects.

9. The White

It causes a high that envelops both your body and mind. It’s considered a mysterious strain as it lacks a strong odor and flavor. It is excellent at treating insomnia.

10. 24k Gold

This marijuana strain is created by combining Kosher Kush with Tangie. With an incredible citrusy flavor, the 24k Gold has excellent mental relaxation effects.