Every person knows what it is like to get depressed. Whether it was because of getting fired, breaking off a relationship, or having a mental illness, depression gives you a low spirit.

But did you know that one of the easiest ways of recovering from depression is through consuming marijuana?

It contains cannabinoids like CBD and THC that bind to cannabinoid receptors thus offsetting chemical imbalances in the brain.

Marijuana may be consumed in several ways like smoking, oral, and topical application. But for the sake of fighting depression, smoking is the best means.

Ingesting cannabis on the regular can help you overcome depression.

Top Indica Marijuana Strains for Fighting Depression

The following indica marijuana strains are excellent for cutting out depression:

1. Garlic

This strain was developed by breeders known as the Seed Bank, and it borrows most of its genetics from Afghani strains. It has a pungent smell and it is excellent for inducing mental relaxation.

2. Alien Dawg

This strain was developed by mixing Alien Technology with Chemdog. It has a pungent aroma with a zesty edge. It is excellent for causing cerebral effects.

3. Sunset

Densely populated with trichomes, this strain causes a rapid heady high. The buds have a dark hue. This strain is ideal for night-time consumption because of its couchlock effects.

4. Banana Hammock R1

The Banana Hammock R1 is an offspring of Grape God and Mandarin Sunset. The buds have a dark hue, and the strain is recognized for its potent and soothing effects.

5. Pre-98 Bubba Kush

The high comes into you slowly, ultimately engulfing both your body and mind. This strain is unbeatable when it comes to anxiety relief and mental relaxation.

6. Donkey Butter

This strain was developed by mixing Grease Monkey with Triple OG. It has a pungent aroma and it activates a spinning high. People also love it for its significance in managing chronic pain.

7. God Bud

It borrows most of its genetics from Purple Skunk, Hawaiian, and an enigmatic strain known as God. With a fruity flavor with berry undertones, this strain is excellent for mind relaxation.

8. Snoop Dogg OG

This strain pays homage to the legendary Hip Hop artist and marijuana ambassador, Snoop Dogg. It was created by mixing Lemon OG with Sour Diesel. It is ideal for mental relaxation and also for creativity.

9. Bubba OG

This strain was acquired by crossing Pre-98 Bubba Kush with Ghost OG. It has extremely potent effects and will improve your mental health.

10. Presidential OG

It’s also known as Presidential Kush and was developed by mixing Bubble Gum with OG Kush. With a citrusy aroma, this strain has powerful cerebral effects and is excellent for boosting mental calm.