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10 Best Marijuana Strains for Managing Crohn’s Disease

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Crohn’s disease is characterized by abdominal pain, weight loss, and diarrhea. But did you know that marijuana was effective at managing this condition?

Considering the range of complications arising from Crohn’s disease, it’s a pretty scary health disorder. You need an aggressive treatment plan.

Since the disease hasn’t got a cure yet, one of the saving graces is making sure to diagnose it before it progresses to worse stages.

We cannot stress enough the importance of booking your doctor as soon as these symptoms are manifest: joint and abdominal pain; weight loss; anemia; fatigue.

With regular marijuana use, you can treat inflammation and cut out pain, which are essential aspects of managing this condition.

Top Hybrid Marijuana Strains for Managing Crohn’s Disease

The following hybrid marijuana strains are excellent for relieving you from the symptoms of Crohn’s disease:

1. Wedding Pie

This indica-dominant strain was developed by mixing Wedding Cake with Grape Pie. With its fruity aroma and spicy edge, this strain propagates a mild cerebral high and cuts out the pain.

2. XJ-13

This strain is an offspring of Jack Herer and G13 Haze. It has amazing health benefits and triggers euphoria. It is perfect for treating inflammation and boosting artistic abilities.

3. Duct Tape

This strain was developed by Archive Seed Bank, and it is an offspring of Original Glue (GG #4) and Do-Si-Dos. It’s a resin-rich strain with tropical flavor and is beloved around the world.

4. Gelonade

This is the child of Lemon Tree and Gelato #41. It has a lemon flavor with a hint of berries, and it’s popular on the West Coast.

5. Gelato Cake

The parents of Gelato Cake are Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake. This indica-dominant marijuana strain has numerous health benefits that include pain and stress relief. It can help you overcome the abdominal pain associated with Crohn’s disease.

6. Lemon Tree

This strain has 50% of both indica and sativa genetics and was created by breeding Lemon Skunk with Sour Diesel. The strain has a lemon flavor with a hint of diesel. It’s a solid source of uplifting feelings and euphoria.


This sativa-dominant strain contains high levels of CBD. It is excellent for minimizing the pain and anxiety associated with Crohn’s disease.

8. Holy Grail Kush

This strain is created by mixing OG #18 with Kosher Kush. The buds are massive and resin-rich. It propagates mental relaxation and it’s the type of high that creeps up on you.

9. Agent Orange

Agent Orange contains 50% indica and sativa genetics, and it is excellent for triggering positive effects. It also helps with appetite stimulation.

10. Dutch Treat

This strain originates in the Dutch and it has a fruity flavor with pine hints. The buds are stocky and trichome-rich. It creates a solid cerebral high and also pain and anxiety relief.