There are many forms of cancer, and although cancers can be managed, the bitterest part is that there isn’t a cure yet. But did you know CBD is beneficial to cancer patients?

Our advancement in medical technology has stopped cancer from being a death sentence, but still, we shouldn’t rest until we get a cure.

Chemotherapy, one of the stages of cancer treatment, refers to administering drugs aggressively to destroy cancer cells.

Sadly, chemotherapy comes with many side effects like pain, nausea, tiredness, sickness, hair loss, infections, anemia, sore mouth, and appetite loss.

These side effects usually get in the way of happiness. But regular CBD ingestion can help eliminate chemotherapy-induced side effects and minimize cancer symptoms.

Top Hybrid Marijuana Strains for Managing Cancer

The following marijuana strains help overcome cancer.

1. Blue Diesel

Blue Diesel was bred by mixing Blueberry with NYC Diesel. It produces a mild body buzz, and the strain has a relaxing berry aroma. It deters nausea and stimulates appetite.

2. NYC Diesel

New York City Diesel was created by Soma Sacred Seeds. This sativa-dominant strain is an offspring of Mexican and Afghani landraces. It has a pungent scent and creates a rapid body buzz.

3. Gelatti

This strain is rare outside of California. Its nugs are stocky and trichome-rich. It causes fast effects that send you into a heady high. Gelatti is ideal for nighttime use because of its sleep effects.

4. Key Lime Pie

This indica-dominant cannabis strain is resin-rich and offers dynamic flavors including chocolate, lime, and spice. The buds have a dark hue to them. This strain promotes good sleep too.

5. Sherblato

This strain is an offspring of Sherbert and Gelato. Highly popular on the West Coast, it has a citrusy flavor and causes a rapid cerebral high.

6. Banana Punch

This strain contains 50% of both indica and sativa genetics. It was created by mixing Banana OG with Purple Punch. It has a banana flavor with notes of berries and pineapple. The high creeps up on you.

7. Agent Orange

With a citrusy aroma, this strain is excellent for overcoming low moods, depression, and lethargy. Taking this strain during cancer treatment helps you cheer up.


This sativa-dominant strain has an excellent CBD: THC ratio. It is powerful at minimizing pain, anxiety, epilepsy, and other chemotherapy side effects.

9. XJ-13

This sativa-dominant strain creates a fantastic cerebral buzz. It was developed by mixing Jack Herer with G13 Haze. With its sweet citrusy and pine flavor, this strain is also ideal for fighting paranoia.

10. Skunk 1

This strain borrows its genetics from Colombian Gold, Afghani, and Acapulco Gold. It’s popular around the world since the 70s. It is great for boosting energy and eliminating stress.