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10 Best Marijuana Strains for Inducing Positivity

If you battle with mental illness, it usually puts you in a negative mindset, but marijuana can help increase your positivity.

You’re not going to be in a positive mindset all the time, because life is peppered with disappointments and sorrows that mess with our attitudes.

But then being negative throughout can diminish the quality of your life in ways you never imagined. It causes you to become self-inhibited.

The most important thing is to realize that your negative energy is holding you back from progress, and then you have to make a conscious decision of improving your situation.

One of the ways to overcome negativity is through consuming cannabis.

Top Hybrid Marijuana Strains for Promoting Positivity

The following hybrid marijuana strains will enable you to have a positive mindset:

1. Superglue

This strain was created by Seedism in Amsterdam, by mixing Northern Lights with Afghani. It is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, and it has mighty potent effects. The scent is fruity, with zesty undertones, and the effects usually kick in fast. This strain will put you in a happy place. It has a citrusy flavor and around 20% THC.

2. Cheese

Like the cheese in your kitchen, this marijuana strain is a little tart. It was created in the UK but it is beloved around the world. This strain makes for fast and long-lasting effects. Most people seek this strain when they be in a sad place. As an indica-dominant strain, the effects usually linger around for a while, even though THC levels are a modest 15%.

3. Khalifa Kush

One thing about the cannabis culture; we are keen to celebrate those who have been down with it since way back. The Khalifa Kush is in honor of Wiz Khalifa. This strain not only induces positive feelings but it also loads you up with energy. It is ideal for daytime use especially if you have some resource-intensive activities waiting for you.

4. Pink Rutz

There are still speculations as to the real parents of this strain. In one school of thought, the strain is believed to be descended from Gelato and Zkittlez, and others say that the parents are Pink Panties and Rainbow Sherbert. The buds are tightly packed together, and make sure to break them up finely before you smoke them. The strain has a sweet scent and long-lasting cerebral effects.

5. Larry OG

This strain was created in California by mixing SFV OG with OG Kush. If you had a tough day and are feeling upset with the world, go to this strain. It induces rapid calmness in the mind. Also, it might have some sedative properties, making it ideal for night-time use. Its buds are stocky (you’ll surely need a grinder) and its hairs are vividly bright.

6. Black Jack

Sweet Seeds is a breeder based out of Spain. They gave us Black Jack by combining Black Domina with Jack Herer. Its THC levels can reach up to 20%. And so, this strain produces rapid effects. It has a spicy flavor and a pleasant herbal aftertaste.

7. Cheetah Piss

This strain contains equal levels of indica and sativa. It was created by mixing Gelato with Lemonnade and London Poundcake. The name can give you an idea of what the strain smells like: it’s funky. But this strain will power you up with loads of energy.

8. Lemon Skunk

With a few awards in its cabinet, it’s no wonder this strain enjoys popularity across the world. It’s a sativa dominant strain, on the gigantic side, and you’ll have to break up the buds with a grinder. Lemon Skunk has high THC levels and produces quick effects.

9. Billy Kimber

This indica-dominant hybrid strain is named in honor of a gangster in the show Peaky Blinders. With THC levels that can reach 30%, this strain will deliver a punch in your face. It may have sedative properties but it helps calm your mind and stay positive.

10. LSD

Back in the 80s, the LSD was quite popular for its psychoactive effects, specifically for its ability to help you see heaven. But now we have a marijuana strain that mimics LSD properties. It has potent effects and boosts energy as well. This strain is resin-rich too.