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10 Best Marijuana Strains for Increasing Happiness

The world is a messy place. There is much too viciousness that robs our faces of joy. But did you know that weed can make you happy?

Your background doesn’t matter; happiness is a choice. Happiness not only makes you fulfilled but it is also an excellent driver of success.

If your life feels like a line-up of challenges, you must not lose hope and start wallowing in despair. The solution could be as simple as consuming some marijuana.

Top Sativa Marijuana Strains for Increasing Happiness

The following sativa marijuana strains are excellent for fighting away sadness and increasing your happiness levels.

1. Acai Berry Gelato

This sativa-dominant strain was developed by Sherbinskis. It’s an offspring of Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbert. With its sweet tropical notes, the acai berry gelato is an incredibly sweet marijuana strain.

2. Red Congolese

Some people hold that the Red Congolese is an African sativa landrace whereas others say that the strain has Mexican and Afghani roots. This strain promotes jolly feelings.

3. Sage and Sour

This strain was developed by T.H. Seeds, and it’s a cross between Pungent Sour Diesel and SAGE hybrid. It produces a nutty aroma and is excellent for boosting energy and happiness.

4. MTF

MTF stands for Matanuska Thunder Fuck. This strain is native to Alaska. It performs well both indoors and outdoors and it is reputed to have energy-boosting properties.

5. Chocolate Thai

This landrace strain from Thailand first came into the US scene in the 1960s. The buds are feathery, have a dark hue, and have a choco-aroma. It is excellent for improving happiness and positive vibes.

6. Sour Jack

This strain was developed by mixing Sour Diesel with Jack Herer. This strain has a strong flavor and aroma and it causes heavy cerebral effects.

7. Memory Loss

This sativa-dominant hybrid strain was developed by Archive Seed Bank. It has a fruity aroma that is close to Dutch Haze and is excellent for improving moods. It acquires its name from its sharp high that can leave you a bit forgetful.

8. Stardawg Guava

This strain won the award for “Best Sativa” in the 2012 Denver Cannabis Cup. With its pine and cheese notes, this strain creeps up on you, culminating in an intense body buzz.

9. Lemon Jack

This offspring of Jack Herer and Lemon Kush has a lemon aroma and it is excellent for boosting energy, improving mental focus, and uplifting.

10. Super Jack

This strain was created by mixing Super Silver Haze with Jack Herer. With a spicy flavor, it is excellent for washing away sadness and improving your moods.