If camping and backpacking are some of your hobbies, it means you love adventure, and you have an outgoing personality.

The benefits of such hobbies are too many to count. Firstly, you have the opportunity to meet new people and expand your networks.

These activities are necessary for disposing of stress. Without a healthy outlet, the stress could gnaw at our insides, and leak out via unhealthy habits.

But activities like camping, hiking, and backpacking demand self-assurance, and one of the ways to dial up your confidence is through marijuana.

Regular consumption of marijuana causes you to develop a can-do attitude and washes away all the fear and self-inhibiting tendencies, thus enabling you to easily take on a challenge.

Top Sativa Marijuana Strains for Seamless Camping and Backpacking

The following marijuana strains can improve your camping and backpacking experience.

1. Blueberry Blast

The breeder behind this strain is known as Snow High Seeds. Blueberry Blast is an offspring of Blue Dream and Johnny Blaze. This sativa strain has a scent reminiscent of blueberries.

2. Sour Pebbles

Originating in Washington State, Sour Pebbles is acquired by mixing Alien Diesel with Fruity Pebbles. It has a sweet flavor and a touch of tartness. Sour Pebbles emerged 3rd in the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup.

3. Dr. Grinspoon

Originating in Amsterdam, this strain is named Dr. Grinspoon as a tribute to the Harvard professor and cannabis advocate, Lester Grinspoon. It has a rich creamy flavor and mint undertones.

4. Dutch Haze

This strain borrows its genetics from American Haze and Dutch Haze. It has a spicy flavor, with earthy and citrusy undertones. The strain is somewhat tall and takes about 10 weeks to hit maturity.

5. Malawi Gold

This tall and resin-rich marijuana strain is native to Malawi. It has a floral and earthy scent and many people love it. with moderate THC levels, this strain has a balanced high.

6. Northern Lights #5 x Haze

This strain is developed by a breeder known as Sensi Seeds. It has a pungent scent, moderate THC levels, and activates a quick high. This strain also has uplifting effects.

7. Citrus Punch

Cannabis enthusiasts love this strain for its feel-good property. It elicits a scent reminiscent of oranges and tangerines and the strain has excellent uplifting effects.

8. Pineapple Jack

Pineapple Jack is a cross of Pineapple and Jack Herer. It has an appetizing tropical flavor with earthy undertones. It has moderate THC levels and is excellent for eliminating stress and depression.

9. Chocolatina

This rare sativa strain is an offspring of Tina and Minto Chocolate Chip. It has a unique terpene profile that causes the exotic flavor reminiscent of chocolate. Chocolatina is highly potent.

10. Galactic Jack

Galactic Jack is a cross between Jack Herer and Space Queen. This strain is popular for its energizing effects. Its flavor is reminiscent of lemons with a zesty tinge.