10 Best Marijuana Strains for Boosting Imagination

If you wish to do things uniquely, you have to be imaginative. But did you know marijuana can magnify your imagination?

Most people have mechanic and dead set mental routes. They hardly challenge themselves to connect dots by other means.

No matter what you do, there’s always space to be imaginative with it. Any activity you can think of… There’s the usual way to do it… And then there’s the artistic way.

Think of someone like Donald Trump, a lover of things artistic. He has a goddess for a wife and judging by her sly slow smiles the Don must be doing something right.

I don’t know what he’s doing but I can guess what he’s not doing… He’s not laying on top of her with his mountainous belly… Humping her… Making little wails before his small mouth forms into an O… Climax ecstasy… With some greasy shit crawling out his orange butt.

(Sorry Donald)

Will smoking marijuana turn you into a Leonardo da Vinci? By no means! But it will certainly make you a bit crazier (read imaginative)!

Top Indica Marijuana Strains for Boosting Imagination

The following indica marijuana strains will help you become a more imaginative person:

1. Marathon OG

This strain pays homage to the deceased icon, Nipsey Hussle. Considering its high THC levels, if you’re a novice you may want to begin with little doses. This strain was created in Los Angeles by the Cure Company but the parents are still a secret. Its potent effects will surely drive you into forming new thinking patterns.

2. Death Bubba

This Canada-native was created by mixing Death Star with Bubba Kush. Its compact and medium-sized buds have vividly bright hairs against the dark hue. The strain has a pungent scent, a mint flavor, with earthy undertones. It also has some sedative properties and thus ideal for night-time use.

3. Face Off OG

If you want to get so high you cannot tell your elbow from your ass, get you some Face Off OG. This indica-dominant strain was developed by Archive Seeds. It also has some sedative effects, so it’s ideal for night-time use, or during a lazy weekend.

4. Strawberry Cheesecake

The descendants of this strain include Cheese and White Window. As the name implies, this is a delicious marijuana strain, but more importantly, it is packing a lot in the way of cerebral stimulation. This strain is typically grown indoors, and it has high THC levels. Apart from flexing your creativity, it is also ideal for managing chronic pain and anxiety.

5. Garanimals

This strain was created by mixing the tasty Grape Pie with Animal Cookies. The breeders behind this strain are known as Cannarado Genetics. The buds are dense, with a dark hue, and bright pistils. Garanimals has moderately high THC levels.

6. Godfather OG

This strain also goes by; the Don of all OGs. It is a result of combining Alpha OG with XXX OG. With predominant indica genetics and THC levels as far high as 28% this strain makes for amazing potency. It has disease-resistance properties and does well in both outdoor and indoor grow environments.

7. Jager

With an aroma reminiscent of licorice and an herbal flavor, this strain has many fans. An indica-dominant strain with high THC levels, it has face-punch effects. You will need to grind the large bugs before smoking and also collect its incredible pollen.

8. Romulan

Cannabis breeders often draw inspiration from Sci-Fi movies. With this strain, the name is inspired by the eponymous character in Star Trek. It was created in Canada and it has high THC levels. It also has some sedative effects, making it ideal for night-time use.

9. God Bud

This strain was created in Canada by mixing a Canadian strain known as “God” with Purple Skank and Hawaiian strains. It has a tropical aroma with mint undertones. Its THC levels are 14% – 22% and its effects are usually fast in coming.

10. Big Bud

It’s not known to trigger a powerful cerebral high, but this indica-dominant strain has an excellent body buzz. It has been around since the 80s and it is quite popular. The effects are usually slow in coming and you better be patient.

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