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10 Best Marijuana Strains for Boosting Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a major driver for success. It enables you to carry on in the face of hardship. There are various ways of boosting enthusiasm and marijuana use is one of them.

Some of us have lofty and seemingly unreachable goals. We feel that success is slow in coming. But do we hanker down and sob with heavy eyes? No.

We are sustained by enthusiasm throughout the storms of disappointment… But once we get what we had set out for, our enthusiasm ought to grow twofold, not fade away.

Yet many of us are overwhelmed with the arrows lodged in our backs, and every step we take is weaker than the one before it.

We lose hope slowly and irreversibly, and failure buries our dreams… It washes away our dignity and self-worth, leaving us bobbling amidst the waves of the furious flood that is life.

We cannot all be enthusiastic about one thing because God created us with incredible variety. But most of us have not been fortunate to discover our calling.

Are there ways to manufacture enthusiasm? Oh yes, you may meditate… Eat a balanced diet… Have quality sleep and… Use marijuana.

THC fires up your system and keeps you engaged and interested.

Top Hybrid Marijuana Strains for Increasing Enthusiasm

Loss of enthusiasm can invite misery in your life. Use the following hybrid marijuana strains to boost your enthusiasm:

1. Ghost OG

If you have trouble falling (and staying) asleep, it may be a factor in losing enthusiasm. Just get you this strain (Ghost OG) so that you sleep like a baby and restore your circadian rhythm. This award-winning strain has fruity flavors and causes an amazing cerebral high.

2. Pound Cake

Pound Cake was created in the USA by mixing an unnamed indica with Sherbert. This strain has a sharp flavor with citrusy undertones. You are going to enjoy it. The effects come in rapidly and heavily. The high tends to be long-lasting and puts you in an uplifted mood.

3. Paradise Waits

Do you fancy a strain whose flavor reminds you of a blend of melon and pine? Paradise Waits was created by mixing Harlequin with Scarlet Fire. With a pungent scent, high THC levels, and tropical undertones, this strain is perfect when you be having low energy.

4. Lava Cake

This indica-dominant marijuana strain has mouth-watering flavors. Lava Cake was bred in the USA by mixing Thin Mint GSC with Grape Pie. It is rich in terpenes and that’s why it produces sweet aromas and flavors. The effects usually kick in pretty fast and hang on for a while.

5. Ice Cream

This marijuana strain has a delicious flavor, which is why it has many fans. Ice Cream is the perfect strain to help you overcome your inactivity and docility and fire your mind up. This indica-dominant strain was created in the Netherlands from mixing unnamed strains.

6. Blueberry Muffin

The buds have a lilac hue, and they are tightly packed together; use a grinder to break up the flower and collect some kief. The Blueberry Muffin is an indica-dominant strain created from mixing Blueberry with Purple Panty Dropper. The flavor of this strain will remind you of hot muffins.

7. Banana OG

Do you fancy a marijuana strain whose scent and the flavor is reminiscent of bananas? Then go to Banana OG. This indica-dominant strain was created by breeding Banana with OG Kush. This strain usually triggers serious munchies; you want to have food around.

8. Motorbreath

This indica-dominant strain has a pungent diesel aroma. With THC levels reaching 24% it will speedily elevate you into a cerebral high. This strain was created by mixing Chemdawg with San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG). If you’re new to cannabis, start with a minuscule dose.

9. Tangerine Dream

This strain took home the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010. If you love a marijuana strain with a fruity flavor and mint undertones, go to Tangerine Dream. It was created in the Netherlands by mixing G13 with Afghani and A5 Haze. This strain will make your brain sharp and put your muscles in a state of relaxation.

10. Skunk 1

This indica-dominant marijuana strain is exceptional at repelling disease and mold. It has a sharp aroma and flavor and high THC levels which guarantee fast effects. The Skunk 1 was created by Sensi Seeds in Amsterdam and is popular among medical marijuana patients.