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10 Best Lighters

You may have the tastiest cannabis joints in the world, but if you don’t have a lighter, guess what, you won’t be able to smoke.

And so, you should not be comfortable with striking a matchstick all the time; you need to invest in sleek, classy, and quality lighters.

Lighters come in a range of designs and colors, and it’s important to browse through some lighters before finding what suits you best.

One of the factors to consider when shopping for lighters is safety. I mean, you need to be safe while operating it, or else you burn.

You also need to consider durability. There’s no fun in having to buy a new lighter every now and again, thanks to their short lifespans.

The following are the 10 best lighters:

1. Pulsar Zippo Lighter Series 3

2. Janeys Checkerboard Lighter

3. Zippo Black Matte Classic Lighter

4. Ronson Jetlite Select Butane Lighter

5. Colibri Aura Flat Flame Lighter

6. Vertigo Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter

7. “The Blazer” Torch Lighter By Blazer

8. Zippo Brushed Chrome Classic Lighter

9. Zippo Lighter – Eye of Providence

10. Zippo Lighter – Fusion Leaf