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10 Best HPS Grow Lights

HPS, short for high-pressure sodium grow lights, are a type of grow light that is ideal for plants once they enter the flowering stage.

HPS grow lights typically emit a red-spectrum light wave, and many hemp growers love using them to boost their crop yield.

HPS grow lights typically have a generous light output and are ideal for cannabis growing, as they promote optimum flower production.

Unlike some other types of grow lights which produce a range of light spectrums, high-pressure sodium grow lights emit one type.

But one downside to HPS grow lights is that they can generate too much heat and consume too much energy, driving expenses up.

But as long as you have installed a quality ventilation system in your indoor grow space, HPS grow lights can perform very well.

The following are the 10 best HPS grow lights:

1. Ushio HiLUX GRO Double-Ended 1000w HPS Lamp

2. HTG Supply 150w High Pressure Sodium Grow Light

3. FloraLux 150 Watt HPS Grow Light

4. Phantom 60 Series 1000 Watt Double Ended Enclosed HPS Lighting System

5. Growers Choice Master Pursuit 1000 Watt Double Ended HPS/MH Grow Light

6. Luxx Lighting Double Ended 1000 Watt HPS Grow Light Fixtures

7. DimLux Expert Series MKII 1000 Watt Double Ended HPS/MH Grow Light Fixture with 2,000K Bulb

8. Jump Start Mini Sunburst HPS 150W with Lamp

9. Growlite Archon 1000 Watt Double Ended Grow Light with HPS Lamp, 240/277 Volt

10. LightCloud™ DE1000W HPS Smart Grow Lights and Bulbs for Professional Indoor Plant Grow