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10 Best Grow Room Glasses

Yes, grow lights are essential for the development of healthy plants, and the improvement of your yield, but you need to protect yourself.

You see, certain types of grow lights emit concentrated beams of light that might injure your eyes, and it’s ideal tow ear protection.

By donning grow room glasses, you will protect your eyes against the spectrum of light waves and particles emitted by the grow lights.

The blue, infrared, and UV light spectrums are particularly injurious, and it’s ideal to wear grow room glasses to protect your eyes.

Some people may be tempted to wear sunglasses, and although they are helpful to a degree, they are not on the same level as grow room glasses as far as effectiveness. Make sure to use grow room glasses.

The following are the 10 best grow room glasses:

1. Method Seven Evolution FX

2. GroVision High Performance Shades

3. Active Eye HPS Growroom Lenses

4. Phillips Safety Hydrospecs Glasses Model 33

5. Grow1 Gruve HPS Grow Room Glasses

6. GroVision High Performance Shades – Pro LED

7. VIVOSUN Indoor Hydroponics LED Grow Room Glasses

8. IPower Indoor Hydroponics LED Grow Room Light Glasses Goggles Anti UV IR, Reflection Visual Optical Protection

9. Yield Lab LED Grow Room Glasses with Case

10. Gruve HPS Grow Room Glasses