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10 Best Grow Light Timers

Grow lights play a crucial role in the development of plants in an indoor grow setup. But it’s not ideal for lights to be on throughout.

Grow light timers help with turning the lights on and off at specific intervals to ensure that the plants enjoy a healthy darkness period.

Without grow light timers, you’ll be forced to turn the lights on and off yourself, which can be rigid and restricting if you have a busy schedule.

Grow light timers are super efficient at regulating lights and ballasts, and they easily automate the processes, ensuring consistent growth.

Apart from enhancing the health of your crops and improving your yield, grow light timers help with minimizing costs.

The following are the 10 best grow light timers:

1. HBX 7-Day Grounded Dual Outlet Digital Timer, 120V

2. Titan Controls Apollo 8: Two Outlet 24 Hour Timer

3. Autopilot 7 Day Dual Outlet Digital Timer

4. Powerbox 6-Channel Timer

5. Grow1 Single Outlet Digital Timer – 240V

6. LTL Controls Stage 3 Combination Recycling & Lighting Timer, 4 Outlet

7. LTL Controls Stage 2 Multi-Functional Recycling Timer, 4 Outlet

8. Maxibright Pro Solo Heavy Duty Timer

9. LUMii 24 Hour Heavy Duty Timer

10. Gavita Master Controller EL3