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10 Best Grow Light Hangers

The distance between the grow lights and your plants can have a major influence on the health of your plants as well as the total yield.

Grow light hangers are useful for supporting your grow lights and adjusting the height of your grow lights above your plants.

Quality grow light hangers are constructed with heavy-duty ropes and have reinforced gear, and this helps secure the grow lights.

Most growers typically complement the hangers with movers to ensure that not only are the grow lights well-positioned but that also the grow lights might be moved around the grow room with ease.

The following are the 10 best grow light hangers and movers:

1. LightRail

2. Rope Ratchet

3. Sun Grip Push Button Light Hangers

4. ThinkGrow Unistrut Grow Light Hanger

5. Sun Grip Original Light Hanger

6. Sky Hook Light Hanger

7. iPower LED 4FT Foldable Grow Light Stand

8. Robostick Light Mover

9. Grow Yo-Yo 12/Box

10. SunBlaster Universal T5 Light Strip Hanger