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10 Best Grow Light Ballasts

Grow light ballasts exert a modulatory impact on the electric current flowing into the lamps, thus promoting optimum performance.

Grow light ballasts are typically used with HID grow lights, and they are super useful in regulating energy and avoiding overheating.

If you avoid using grow light ballasts, you risk rapidly increasing the current draw, which would make the lights a little bit irregular.

And so, grow light ballasts help prevent sudden power rise and provide stability, which is critical for optimum plant and crop yield.

Whether you’re using HID lamps or fluorescent bulbs in your indoor grow room, make sure that you install grow light ballasts, to avoid needless wastage of electricity or an explosion from your lamp.

The following are the 10 best grow light ballasts:

1. AgroMax Hi-F 1000w Digital Ballast

2. Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast, 120/240V Dimmable

3. Xtrasun CMh Ceramic Metal Halide Digital Ballast, 315W, 120V/240V

4. SG 1000W Convertible Ballast, 120/240V

5. Phantom Commercial Double-Ended Digital Ballast – HPS, 1000W, 277V/347V

6. Hydrofarm Phantom II Dimmable Digital Ballast – 1000w 240v

7. Solis Tek 1000w Ballast

8. Digital Greenhouse 1000 Watt Slim HPS & MH Ballast

9. Lumii 600w Magnetic Ballast

10. Maxibright Digilight Power Pack Ballast