People love glass bongs because of their stability and heat-resistance properties. They are durable, and if you start off with one in college, it will see you through adulthood.

Depending on where you get your cannabis flower, it may sometimes contain specks of hazardous substances, so when combusted they would produce harsh smoke.

And we don’t want no harsh smoke hitting our lungs!

A glass bong consists of a system where smoke is both filtered and cooled down, eliminating the harshness, and allowing you to inhale a smooth smoke.

It will enable you to enjoy cannabis flower, and it hardly grows decrepit even after years of use, thus it’s the ultimate weed accessory.

Cleaning Your Glass Bong

If you be stuck with a dirty bong, it would make your cannabis sessions less pleasant, and there’s also the question of health risk.

I mean, if your bong water is as old as the Chinese dynasty, you don’t want to imagine the kind of muscly bacteria stewing there.

You should clean your bong on the regular, and the process is pretty simple, using readily available materials.

But if there be difficult stains, you may soak the bong overnight, and scrub it clean using isopropyl alcohol and salt.

Rinse the bong with lemon water for that extra shine.

Factors to Consider when Buying Glass Bong

Are you the type of buyer that clicks on an online advertisement to depart with your money over some third-rate bong?

First thing to consider is quality. Just because it calls itself a glass bong doesn’t mean it is heat-resistant or will stick around for long.

You should also consider the shape and size of the bong, for you want something not too big and not too small, with a low center of gravity so that it doesn’t fall over easily.

Additionally, consider the customizations and check them against what you expected or wanted.

Top Glass Bongs

These are some of the popular glass bongs we have in the market:

1. Dopezilla Cerberus Straight Double Honeycomb Ice Bong

This handcrafted bong will fulfill all your smoke needs. It’s made out of durable and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, has a unique design, and comes in a matching custom box.

2. Vodka 9mm Beaker Ice Bong with Bent Neck

The beaker base design borrows from a laboratory flask; it’s wide-bottomed to give it stability, and thus it may not be knocked over easily.

3. Jay and Silent Bob Beaker Ice Bong

The first thing to get your attention is the amazing fan design on this bong. It stands at 12 inches and features multiple tools to improve your smoking session.

4. Famous Brandz Glass Beaker Ice Bong

This colorful bong made out of heat-resistant and durable material will meet all your smoking needs. It has an ice catcher, an herb bowl with a handle, and a wide bottom to enhance stability.

5. Scientific Double Perc Glass Ice Bong

When someone uses a bong, they are looking to inhale cool smoke, but this bong takes the coolness a degree higher. It’s thick, with an 8-arm tree percolator and honeycomb disk percolator, thus enabling you to take perfect bong rips.

6. Amsterdam Greenline Double Bubble Base Glass Bong Gift Set

It comes in a metal box to keep your tools safe and secure. All the things you need for smoke “porno” are inside: grinders, metal screens, filter tips, rolling papers, etc.

7. Grace Glass Tribal Glow in the Dark Beaker Ice Bong

The bong features Aztec–inspired tribal art that gleams in darkness. It is made out of durable material and will improve your bong sessions.

8. Black Leaf Decepticlone Beaker Ice Bong with Silicone Base Cover

This bong is remarkably thick, wide-bottomed, and with stamina for days. It will no doubt improve your smoke sessions.

9. Blaze Glass Frosted Beaker Bong with Black and Green Tube

This monster of a bong stands at 15.75 inches, it has a carb hole, blaze glass decal, and a herb bowl with a handle.

10. Trailer Park Boys Glass Ice Bong

It is decorated with Trailer Park Boys image, but with the ice notches, you are guaranteed an extra cool smoke.