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10 Best Dab Oil Applicators

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Syringes are so messy and so yesterday. The best replacement for a syringe is the dab oil applicator; it’s both stylish and convenient.

Whether you’re ingesting some CBD distillate, oil, wax, or live resin, a dab oil applicator helps with ensuring that the dose is standard.

You can use dab oil applicators for easy sublingual ingestion, dispensing to dabbing accessories, or adding to your edibles.

Dab oil applicators are designed to dispense CBD cleanly, and this saves you from wasting your valuable CBD resources.

There are varying models and materials for dab oil applicators. Also, they are extremely easy to use, especially as compared to syringes.

The following are the 10 best dab oil applicators and oral applicators:

1. Jetty Extracts

2. Dablicator

3. City Trees

4. VVG Hash Oil Applicator

5. Sour Diesel Distillate Oil Applicator


7. 02VAPE

8. HempMeds

9. Plus CBD Oil

10. Pure Science Labs